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Imponte Deluxo appreciation thread

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Posted A day ago

If we had more players like you Boogie, I would take my Deluxo out way more often. But its not nice being hunted by the whole lobby when I havent even fitted weapons on mine, lol

Many stupid players hunt down Deluxo's, because they are griefing machines. Some idiots hunt them down and grief with them themselves, after yelling and screaming how bad meme mobiles are to the game. How stupid can you be? Some even own several meme mobiles and still yell murder and rape on meme mobiles. You got to be at least f*cking wrecked to be this stupid. I thought I'd seen just about all the stupid from some I could imagine here. Apparently, there was more from where all that stupid came from xD
Not sure if Im the one you are calling stupid, I just meant to express that I think its sad that all Deluxos are automatically classed as griefers even tho some of its drivers dont even fit weapons on them as per personal preference. And of course I know thats mostly because of the map icon and the overall griefing usage of the vehicle. Thats precisely why I think it is sad. The subtext in my message is that I believe that map icons should exist only for weaponized Deluxos. But I digress.
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Posted A day ago

On the topic of surviving in an unweaponized Deluxo, I've always just either dodged incoming fire or, when push comes to shove, fired flares like crazy. I've escaped choppers, jetpacks, and flying bikes all the same. Can't say about a Ruiner 2000, though. I don't think I've even seen one since Smuggler's Run dropped.

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