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Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club [PVP-RP-Crew]

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Welcome to the




The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club is a PVP-RP-Crew in GTA5-Online, which is following the 1% Code.
Through a patchover he was founded on october 14th, 2016 in East Los Santos / La Mesa.
The Cursed Crooks MC destroyed since then 4 enemy Motorcycle Clubs and also disband the 1% Rhombus from a german MC.
Meanwhile the Cursed Crooks MC is one of the best known 1% Motorcycle Clubs in this community on the [PC].
The most important points that make the CCMC so unique are its rules, structure and the name.
On top of that, the CCMC was able to gain more than a year of experience & he is by far the oldest German Motorcycle Club.
You can check that out for yourself if you don't believe in us.

We spend 95% of our time in the public game session to refresh our MC companies such as cocaine, meth, weed & money, steal cars for CEO import/export, clubhouse missions such as "Cracked" or a round "Stand your Ground".
Ride-Practice, Biker Events, Run&Gun or we go on the hunt of other MC´s.
Apart from that, the Cursed Crooks MC also has the most enemies,
we call them "VICTIMS" & as a PVP-RP-Crew we are very proud of it, because it counts for us:
Great instead of mass & our loyalty belongs only to the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club.

Every Sunday at 7:00pm CET is our common church,
for Member, Propsects & Supporter33 an obligatory date on which we discuss everything important.
The Cursed Crooks MC is constantly evolving,
but without losing its unique style.

We are looking for new active male & female players to join the unique Cursed Crooks MC.

What you can expect from us:
- Member Crew:https://de.socialclu...d_crooks_mc_els
- Prospect Crew:https://de.socialclu...w/ccmc_prospect
- Support Crew:https://de.socialclu...p_your_local_33
- A lightweight & well structured roleplay/hierarchy system
- Ride-Practice, Biker Events, Biker wars, playlist & training
- Homepage:https://cursedcrooks...cmc/welcome-eng
- Discord:https://discord.gg/NvdzsYu
- Youtube:https://www.youtube....IpjU9-rg/videos
- Facebook:https://www.facebook...CursedCrooksMC/

What you should bring:
- Headset & Discord
- Majority 18+
- Read & accept our rules
- GTA5 online activity

A Cursed Crook never comes alone,
Because the Cursed Crooks MC have dug up the hatchet.



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