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Does your GTA San Andreas lag? Here's a solution!

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Posted A week ago

Here's a solution to make it run faster and with less lag. If you checked this topic, you are probably on a low-end machine, just like me. Just do the following:
1) Go to your SA folder. (default C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas)
2) Find a configuration file named "stream".
3) Delete all of the text, and type the following.

memory		250000
devkit_memory	250000
vehicles	12
peds 15
people 30
pe_lightchangerate	0.0005
pe_lightingbasecap	0.38
pe_lightingbasemult	0.53
pe_leftx	120
pe_topy		120
pe_rightx	120
pe_bottomy	120

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Posted A week ago

lol no, things you added are not ever read by the game so your changes do literally nothing.
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Posted A week ago

Along with what Silent has said....and the fact that GTA San Andreas runs on my watch...I don't see any point in having anyone do his.

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