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BYOB Recruitment - Neutral Non pvp

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 04:15 PM



PC Version only.


Nothing special about us.

We just play missions and make money.

We don't care who takes the titan as long as you can properly fly it and land it without 86ing the mission for the rest of us.


If you are the type of person that believe only you can be the one to finish the mission, take that target car or whatever then this crew is not for you.

At the beginning of each mission we decide together who will take the plane or whatever and we take turns.

I personally never take the Titan. I can fly but I prefer to stay in my Savage.


We also help new players and NEVER bash, harass or do anything that interferes with someone elses' game enjoyment.


This posting isn't fancy I know. It also isn't begging for members. Due to based on personal experience, there aren't very many reliable and honorable players in this game. The crew is all adults, 18+ and profanity is used so if you are under 18, do not apply.


Also, we accept no modders.

Any type of modding gets you kicked and banned from the crew.

Using shortcuts (legal ones)in the game is permissible to remain in this crew.

Glitches are not illegal shortcuts.

If RockStar has glitches then that's their fault and no harm in using them until they are fixed as long as it doesn't harm the game.



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