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help about model importing problem in gta4

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Posted 30 November 2017 - 10:43 AM

hi everyone;
i desing 3d objects via Rhinoceros and then export them to 3Dstudio max.i'm trying to import a huge ramp which i designed,into GTA IV.
but before this,i just decided to start with a simple sphere (radius=20 m) where i want to place to the coordinates (130, 840, 14),
it's in front of the Nico's safe house in Manhattan.
step by step what i did:
1)added a line into mantah8.ide defining the sphere:
(manhat_kureden, nj01_road1crossing3, 30, 2, 2, 120.00, 850.00, 4.00, 140.00, 830.00, 24.00, 130.00, 840.00, 14.00, 20, null)
2)gimsIV hierarchy manager->open formats:file name (manhat_kureden) assign
3)gimsiv->material editor->
                                        collision material:concrete,
                                        model material:Shader->Default,parameter set->gta_default,
                                        1st diffuse->(my texture) and include radio button selected
4)gims->open formats->export ODR/ODD (model exported to open formats)
5)OPENIV-> mantah08.img opened and via "import open formats"-> my model.odr selected and imported as "mymodel.wdr"
no collision designed for my model yet.
i can see my model via openiv model viewer but my model isn't being imported in GTA 4,nothing happens.i'm trying to find out why.
in order to place a static object wherever i want;
1)what are the coordinates of the bounding box (in ide file)supposed to be? for a sphere centered(0,0,0) and (radius 20),i decided the bounding box coords are upper right(10,-10,10)-lower left(-10,10,-10) are these correct?
2)what are the proper values of flags for a regular static object?
as i know *.ide  data format of defining for any object is :
        "ModelName, TextureName, DrawDistance, Flag1, Flag2, (Bounds min)X,Y,Z, (Bounds max)X,Y,Z, (Bounds Sphere)X, Y, Z, Radius, WDD"
3)which format should i use:wdr or wpl?
4)which collision format shouls i use :wbd or wbn?
can anybody help me please?
thanks in advance.

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Posted 04 December 2017 - 10:58 AM

come on please,


every idea welcomes...

  • uygury

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 09:09 AM

well,i realised my bounding box coordinates were wrong.


i changed my model sphere radius to 2m and calculated the bounding box coords which are upper right  (2,2,2) and lower left (-2,-2,-2).


i modified the data in the ide file as:

                                           manhat_kureden, nj01_road1crossing3, 30, 2, 2, 132.00, 842.00, 22.00, 128.00, 838.00, 18.00, 130.00, 840.00, 20.00, 2, null


the sphere should have been appeared in front of Nico's safe house in Manhattan at 6 m high.


but nothing happened.!!!!!!!!!


is there a method to prevent anybody from import their custom models in gta4 as a static object? if isn't so where do i make mistake?


any idea about the object creating structure and the organisation of model files (wdr,wdd,wbn,wbd,wpl) are welcome.

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