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Gaming trends you miss

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Posted 5 days ago

Good box art and proper manuals will be missed.


The manuals going away I can deal with a bit, because tutorials replace them, but the box art these days is absolutely awful.  You have fantastic ones like Doom's alternate art, but horrible lazy ones like...





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Posted 5 days ago



Top 5 alt cover right there. Reminds me of the Catcher in the Rye cover


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Posted 5 days ago


Nuff said.

I think that most action/shooter games are getting especially boring and generic covers.

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Posted 5 days ago

I miss when games had content instead of every Triple A developer trying to make interactive movies

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Posted 5 days ago

I miss when games had content instead of every Triple A developer trying to make interactive movies

You do realize that the most popular games on the market right now are the sprawling 100 hours+ open world type, right? that they're actually saturating the industry, if nothing else?

Like, back in the day for most game being 25-30 hours was considered long as sh*t. That's considered short now a days - what you're saying has absolutely no basis in reality, what so ever.

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Posted 4 days ago

For me, I miss looking forward to new games. Overhyping aside, it's mainly due to knowing that the game will likely have DLCs, microtransactions, season passes, more money making schemes. This makes me want to wait a few years for a "game of the year" edition to come out so I could get everything all at once. The game will be cheaper by then anyways.

I just.. don't find any up and coming games appealing anymore.

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