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GTA Vice City VS GTA 3

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 08:00 AM

I love III for being a ground braking game but i started out with VC waaay back in 2002 as a kid. Can't beat my nosetalgia. Either way both were my first games on the Ps2. VC will always have a special place in my heart. I remember i would always get excited everytime i heard Michael Jackons Bille Jean playing on the radio. Damn so much nosetalgia :cry:

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 06:54 PM

Both are good, but I prefer GTA 3, because i love the environment and the story, i certainly dislike Vice City coz in my personal opinion i don't like 80's and the missions are pretty hard in that game

All missions in Vice City are so easy lol.

Easy to you :v

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 08:09 PM Edited by Nico, 11 December 2017 - 08:10 PM.

Vice City is way more important for me because it was the first one I played, and storywise is also far more memorable than III.

GTA III was very important for the gaming world, no one can doubt about that, but VC just took things to a whole new level. Let's face it, there's no real storyline in III besides the generic "quest for revenge". We know nothing about the protagonist -besides what we got to know thanks to his SA cameo- and his past. In VC there's a background, from the beginning we get to know what happened to Tommy prior to the game events, and everything on the plot happens for a reason. The protagonist can talk and he has a defined personality, which may be not everyone's liking but definitely stands above Claude's absolute lack of character.

Missions in VC were improved for the better. I agree with Shaegar that III has some "errand boy" feel to it. You do tasks for some money during the whole game and the pursuit for revenge is kinda forgotten until the very end. You're an errand boy during the entire game, and by the end you're pretty much screwed with all the gangs hating on you. VC also has a "revenge tale" but in my opinion is much better excecuted. You get phone calls from Sonny reminding you why you're there and why you're doing what you're doing. After killing Diaz* you start to become a true kingpin. There's a real sense of progression.

The game settings are radically different. I guess this is subjective, some people prefer dark and gritty and others prefer shine and colors. The atmosphere in both games is well done. You feel the sense of misery in LC and the glamour in VC. The map layout of both isn't the greatest thing in the world, but let's not forget this was a new start for Rockstar and their mapping has improved a lot with the time. Music is also subjective, some people prefer the electronic stuff** of III and others the classic rock, pop and soul of the 80's. Personally, I'm part of the latter group.

In the end, I believe that VC offers an overall better experience, but that isn't a reason to dismiss the importance of III as a game. They're both truly important pieces of the gaming world.


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Posted 15 December 2017 - 02:55 AM

Both are good, but I prefer GTA 3, because i love the environment and the story, i certainly dislike Vice City coz in my personal opinion i don't like 80's and the missions are pretty hard in that game

Vice City missions are easy. Trust me, i beat the game 6 times.

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Posted 15 December 2017 - 03:13 AM Edited by Am Shaegar, 15 December 2017 - 03:13 AM.

I found the missions in III to be annoyingly hard. VC missions have a lot of cool one's, but the only mission that gave me a hard time was The Driver, other than that I don't find anything in VC hard.

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Posted 15 December 2017 - 04:50 AM

VC cuz it has motorcycles

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