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What's your profile on the LSPD database?

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Surname: Chopper


First name: James


Common alias: Jimbo, Biker Dude


Gender: male


Age:  24


Place of birth: Fort Carson, San Andreas



-leader of a small unnamed biker gang (only other known members are his girlfriend Dina, their bike mechanic Zach and their clubhouse waitress Sindy)

-friends with Malc of the Uptown Riders biker gang

-friends with Lamar Davis of the Families street gang

-occasionally works for Martin Madrazo, Trevor Philips, Lester Crest and other figures in the San Andreas criminal underworld

-occasionally seen with The Lost biker gang


Criminal record:

2014-theft, armed robbery, possesion of illegal substances, possesion of illegal firearms

2015-theft, assault, armed robbery, possesion of illegal firearms

2016-theft, possesion of illegal substances, arson, hijacking a prison bus

2017-theft, assault, possesion of illegal firearms



-owns a closed down gas station on Route 68, uses it as his biker gang clubhouse

-trained in the military in 2013, but avoided deployment because of injury, discharged in 2014, skilled in combat

-motorcycle enthusiast and skilled rider, owns multiple motorcycles, seems to prefer cruiser bikes

-classic car enthusiast, owns multiple classic cars

-gun enthusiast, suspected to own multiple firearms, both legal and illegal

-likes rock and heavy metal music

-known marijuana user


Surveillance Photos:

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Lucius M. Galloway, 2 weeks ago.

Well, somebody's gotta keep this thread alive.

Surname: McKay
First name: Daniel
Common alias: Danny boy, Crackerjack, Mama's boy, Vanilla Ice, (Danny) Phantom
Age: 23.
Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana.
Affiliations: Became a drug lord in the Cabrera cartel alongside his childhood friend, and partner, Brian Cabrera. Several ties with Bratva, Yakuza, Camorra, and many other criminal organizations. Has dealings with several of my "characters."
Criminal record: 2016- Assault- Headbutted an officer of the law.

[*]Prefers nonsmokers to smokers.
[*]Has two mothers.
[*]Has a slight coughing habit
[*]Prefers to be a literal ghost.
[*]Suffers from panic attacks.
[*]Keeps inhaler at all times.
[*]Uses his riches to spoil his mothers instead of himself.
[*]Despite his handicap, usually is levelheaded. He passes off everything as not serious, and as a result, overloads him with stress.

That last part is the real me. Don't tell nobody.
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