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3DS Max export problem

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Posted A week ago

Hi there, I've got small problem when exporting body parts such as my CJ head with GTA V balaclava. When I check export as SA body part and then choose ripped or etc... in Kam's DFF IO script. The game then after selecting it in-game crashes to desktop. I also checked append export DFF to have all those ripped, fat and normal bones.... Can someone please help me with that?

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Posted A week ago Edited by ZAZ, A week ago.

player bodyparts must be clumps, 3 dff version in one, fat, normal and ripped model version

I never did that myself, i just watched a tutorial, made by Ocain, he made it as *.swf file (shockwave flash animation)
don't know if you can view that format, 15 years ago it was possible watch in with the browser: Paperbag-swf
Or download the zipped file and try to find any tool to view it: Paperbag-swf-zip

I try to explain the content of the tut:
Let's say you wanna create head.dff
So create 3 dff's to merge them in your workfolder (should be for fat, normal, ripped, but it's your deciding if you make different models):


Then create and use a batch file to merge them
You don't know batch file, it's simple text code, written as *.txt then renamed to *.bat

so run simple text editor (notepad.exe)
and insert following:
copy head_r.dff /b + head_f.dff /b + head_n.dff /b head.dff
then save it as workfolder\clump.txt
then rename it into workfolder\clump.bat
then doubleclick the clump.bat
it should create a new model file: head.dff

  • Patrik2000_CZ

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Posted A week ago Edited by Patrik2000_CZ, A week ago.

EDIT: after trying to do this with other models too, I figured it out with this tut u sent me. The only problem is, that my new .txd file now doesn't load the balaclava texture, only the CJ face texture is loaded (balaclava part is completely black). Is there a solution for this to?


Another EDIT: after my usual crash to desktop because of mods, even the face part is completely black now.....

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