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Is it possible to play through this game without getting shot? Is it impossible to strategize in gunfights? Bulletholes on character? [Single Player]

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Posted A week ago

In Grand Theft Auto IV, you could take your time with each and every shootout/gunfight, you could strategize and play it cinematically and carefully and do it without getting shot at all, and even if you did get shot you could just pretend it didn't happen in-universe because Niko wouldn't have a bullet hole in his body.


Now in GTA V it seems nearly impossible to get through a gunfight without getting hit at least once. They are so fast-paced and always have at least 5-10 enemies all out in the open at ONE time, and then one piece of cover for your character, so there doesn't seem to be any way to plan it out other than just pop out of cover to kill one guy at a time while getting sprayed by everyone else each time you pop out to do so. The enemies can even hit you while you're in cover, and the blind fire still leaves you vulnerable, unlike in IV.


And it breaks the immersion SO much when you are shot at and a big cloud of blood comes off and Michael/Franklin/Trevor are covered in bullet holes. My question is, is there any way to avoid getting shot? What kinds of strategies have you guys come up with? And does anyone else share my opinion on how annoying it is to see the protagonist riddled with bullet holes without it seeming to phase them? Did rockstar do this on purpose, or was it just too difficult to program the bullet holes to show up on enemies but not the player?

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Posted A week ago

Hmm taking damage is a big part in every GTA. Maybe it's possible to do it but i'm not sure (specially with the rapid fire NPCs)


If it's impossible then just do the lethal points challenge, if you get shot in the heart, face etc then you must restart the game (shotguns are almost instant kill) and if you get shot in the arm then you can only use one handed weapons while the hole is there. This is the real challenge for masochists!

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