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What would you change to make SA's story more realistic?

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Let's say that hypothetically we have a new universe that brings together the most realistic (and best) stories of GTA: IV and Vice City. What would you change to make San Andreas a better and more realistic story?


Maybe you want to convert it into a more personal story? Want to know what Carl think about what surrounds him? Or maybe you want to completely change his personality, including other characters? I personally would completely remove all of Torino's missions and change Carl's personality, retaining his humor but with more determination. Someone who wants to redeem himself for what he did (Although resembles Niko's backstory a lot.).


Thoughts? What would you change?

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Posted 2 weeks ago

ryder... needs more ryder, not because of the memes (hehe so funny... not) but because of a character he is... he meshes well with cj, like ying and yang

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Light Syde Riandy
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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Light Syde Riandy, 2 weeks ago.

I would change the theme because what I mostly care about SA is all of its features. Like, why would there be a jetpack and inconsistent plots after the first city's missions? If I want to make a ghetto themed game, then I would implement every features related to the ghetto themed game itself. I'll think about what theme suits best for all features from the original game later on.
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Femme Fatale
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Remove over the top missions like The Black Project.
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