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Lean forward on mobile (GTA SanAndreas)

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Posted 02 November 2017 - 11:04 AM

First, sorry for my bad english.
Second, sorry if i do something wrong because i am just a newbie.9
Anyway, as you know in the pc you can tap the up arrow button continuity while ride a bike like NRG500, this will give you alot of speed for unique jumps.
But in the mobile, you can't do it because there are no lean forward for mobile (or it don't have a button for that action) at least you can lean backward by double tap the gas button but backward doesn't help you much while doing unique jumps :v
And yeah the game have many unique jumps that you need to use the lean forward trick on the nrg500 to get those jumps. Like the jump that location south of the barber shop that you and ryder drive to it, and on the right of the train station.On the pc you just need a NRG500 and the lean forward trick to beat that easily.But on the mobile, it will be very different.
That jump must be the hardest jump ever on mobile because i just found that the rails of the train will slow down your car, crazy huh? You can do it youself, just drive a car on the normal road then drive it on the rails, you will see thatcit will make your car lose the speed.As far as i found, the rail in this game are the "thing" and when you drive over some"thing", your car will automatically boucing up, and that will make it lose speed.
Yeah yeah like i said before you can do it on pc with the leanforward but on mobile you can't do it:v
And yeah if you guys have the same problem like me, you can try all of those things to get the jump:
1.get a faster vehicle like Infernus instead NRG500.
2.if the jump lies in the countryside, you can use offroad vehicle like Bandito.
3.Try a nitro for bonus speed.
4.try a grenade trick (throwing a grenade behind for bonus speed)
5.try using mods.
6.Try to max 100% driving skill and bike skill (some said it will give you bonus speed too :v)
7.Tune you car at tranfender.
8.try to get other vehicles to push you forward for more speed.
9.Lose weight and don't have any muscle so you will be lighter (less weight = more speed :v )
10.combine all of the tricks :v
Anyway if you guys can help me i will be very appreciate but if you can't help me that ok, i just want Rockstar to fix this by add a lean forward for mobile .

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