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Dispatch of Variety

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 05:10 AM Edited by Stryfaar, 05 November 2017 - 10:43 AM.


After almost two months of delay due to personal life, health issues, and a busy schedule, I am proud to announce that Dispatch of Variety 3.0.0 is now up and live!

Dispatch of Variety is the official expansion pack for the prominent World of Variety, developed by me, with help and support by Cass and various modmakers from the modding community. It aims to deliver an entertaining, action-packed, and diverse experience for gameplay, be it from emergency responses to law enforcement chases. It pushes Grand Theft Auto V's dispatch to its optimum potential whilst strictly staying true and friendly to the game's lore. 
Moreover, it incorporates additional lore-friendly pedestrians and vehicles that would enhance ambience, diversity, and immersion as you explore the beautiful world of Los Santos and its surrounding countryside.
The law enforcement weaponry has been overhauled - expect seeing sights where the law enforcement would make use of a variety of weapons and weapon attachments during their conquest for you. Countless hours of hard work have been invested into the making of this mod. Everything was built from scratch, tweaked to ensure stability, and thought of thoroughly to make sense of the spawns. I hope this won't fail to entertain.
Compatibility patches for IVPack and Story Mode are included inside. Vanillaworks and Vanillaworks Extended Compatibility to come soon.





1. Make sure you have a clean install of Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.1180.2 (Smuggler's Run DLC). 
2. Install the latest version of World of Variety found here
3. Install the latest version of Dispatch of Variety linked above
World of Variety and Dispatch of Variety are in OIV Packages, which means installation is automatic, so you don't need to worry about messing up anything during installation.
IMPORTANT: This mod is built on and made for Grand Theft Auto V v1.0.1180.2 (Smuggler's Run DLC). As an addon, this should still work regardless of any updates, with only the gameconfig.xml needing to be updated. However, any patch below v1.0.1180.2 may be incompatible, and will not be supported. This requires the latest version of World of Variety installed first.
DISCLAIMER! Pirated versions of the game are not, and will never be supported.



20171030223457_1.jpg 20171031121659_1.jpg 20170729223016_1.jpg 20171030223710_1.jpg 20171030222750_1.jpg 20171030120134_1.jpg 20171024210046_1.jpg 20171021222440_1.jpg 20171018195348_1.jpg 20171016230958_1.jpg 20171018194942_1.jpg 20171016150957_1.jpg 20170729203017_1.jpg 20170801175214_1.jpg




3.0.2 (11-04-2017)

  • Fixed critical bug where the player would randomly get stuck upon entering a vehicle (Also fixes not being able to enter guns on gunned vehicles)
  • Added DoV's own AI Enhancement, built from The_XXI's The Stealth AI alongside BobJaneTMart's Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement AI with a few subtle tweaks from me
  • Added new vehicle: LSPD Merit with lore-friendly liveries, thanks to _CP_ for the model, Yard1 for the mapping, and TheF3nton for the model tweaks
  • Misc tweaks to gameconfig.xml for stability
  • LSPD Buffalo and LSSD 2nd Generation Stanier now spawns at Wanted Level 4 alongside the LSPD Interceptor and the LSSD Granger, respectively
  • Updated the Compatibility Patches in accordance to the changes mentioned above


3.0.1 (11-03-2017)

  • Optimized dispatch.meta values for potential stability improvements (removed unnecessary ones, adjusted a few)
  • Optimized gameconfig.xml to potentially fix a rare bug where the player would refuse to enter the vehicle [EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Fixed overlooked bug where some dispatch cars would occassionally spawn without drivers at Wanted Levels 4 and 5
  • Added new vehicle: LSSD 1st Generation Stanier with lore-friendly liveries, special thanks to Yard1 for the model
  • Added Compatibility Patch for Any Handling Mod
  • Added Simple Trainer Support
  • Added Support for Vanillaworks Extended

3.0.0 (11-01-2017)

  • Finally turned into an addon, this means less replaced vanilla files, better compatibility for other mods, and stability improvements
  • Total Cop Overhaul is no longer required, as it has been included inside the addon to improve compatibility and ease up installation
  • Every single file was carefully rebuilt from scratch to ensure everything functions as it should, flawlessly - optimized spawn rates, implemented proper vehicle flags, no more Law Enforcement Vehicles being able to be modded in Los Santos Customs, implemented Weapon Rewards, no more mute vehicles, etc.
  • Subtle AI Tweaks, each wanted level star should go down each time you stay hidden long enough,  law enforcement do things like ram, pull in front, pit maneuvers, etc. more realistically, special thanks to Mkeezay
  • Completely rebalanced air, land, and sea dispatch spawns - no more overspawning, no more delayed responses, now the spawns are "just right", at least from my playthroughs
  • Fixed spawning bugs, no more ghost dispatches, no more cars not spawning, everything set to spawn should now spawn properly without issues
  • Ambient spawns for the added pedestrians and vehicles
  • Shortened the spawn names (file names) in order to, in theory, avoid memory errors
  • Modified gameconfig.xml from World of Variety and Realism Dispatch Enhanced to perfectly work with the mod
  • Implemented names for the added vehicles, they should now spawn with proper names when entered
  • Better loadouts (fixed some errors in code and remade some entries), now, the weapon variety should be even more noticeable
  • Added the Halftrack, Hunter, and Valkyrie to the army base dispatch
  • Dispatch tweaks for the Military Base (Fort Zancudo)
  • Improved AI for the Military Peds (They act like SWAT now, they can crouch, etc.)
  • The SAHP is now set to spawn only in the countryside, and detectives spawns are now limited to the city (They're undercover LSPD cops)
  • SWAT now spawn at the sides of the Riot Van, and the FIB now spawn at the sides of the FIB Granger
  • Replaced the FIB Buffalo with the FIB Buffalo S, special thanks to NefariousBonne
  • Replaced the LSSD Granger with the Riot Van, this is to enable the SWAT to hang on the sides (They're hardcoded for fbi2 and sheriff2 only, so I had to do this to make them work)
  • Added the LSSD Granger as an addon vehicle instead
  • Added functional rappels for the FIB Frogger Helicopter, special thanks to TheF3nton
  • Added functional rappels for the Savage Helicopter, special thanks to TheF3nton
  • Added a Washington as an FIB vehicle, special thanks to TheF3nton for making, and Lundy for the idea
  • Added an SAHP Buffalo S as a replacement to the former 1st-generation SAHP Buffalo originally included, special thanks to Lundy
  • Added an Unmarked Buffalo S, special thanks to TheF3nton
  • Added the N.O.O.S.E. APC from IVPack as part of DoV, special thanks to _CP
  • Added the LSPD 1st Generation Stanier from IVPack as part of DoV, special thanks to _CP
  • Removed the Valkyrie from spawning at wanted level 5 in Los Santos and the countryside (it spawning just to chase the player doesn't make sense)
  • Removed LSSD and LSPD cops from the sea dispatch, as it is the SACG's job to chase you at sea
  • Removed the LSSD interceptor for it is redundant (the LSSD are poor country cops, unlike the high-end LSPD and SAHP)
  • Removed the LSPD Merit as per Lundy's request (causes random crashes due to missing lod's)
  • Removed the SAHP Maverick (It just doesn't look right)
  • Removed entry of the riot van from the game (this is to save memory), as it is now redundant due to it replacing sheriff2
  • Removed The Stealth AI from the mod, does more harm than good, DoV's own AI tweak will instead be available later, constructed by me and Mkeezay
  • Restored the vanilla Police Maverick, and WoV's Sheriff Maverick as having a templated one just for unit # liveries is redundant, not lore-friendly, and unneeded anyway
  • The Police Maverick and the Sheriff Maverick should now have working spotlights (to do this, I also had to remove the lspd cops and sheriff cops from shooting and just use the added pilot ped from World of Variety)
  • The Military Patriot is now set to spawn with its extra components
  • More, and better colors for Army APC (Same scheme the Insurgents plus it's original scheme), no more metallic Military APCs
  • The Military APC now only spawns with Marines, while the NOOSE APC spawns with the SWAT
  • Retextured the Police Insurgent to match the Riot Van's livery to be more friendly to the lore
  • Fixed antennae placements for the SAHP 1st Generation Stanier
  • Fixed a bug where the glass on the FIB Kuruma is unbreakable, special thanks to TheF3nton
  • ...And many more I may have forgotten to mention


Unmarked Police Buffalo S dovdtbuff2
Unmarked Police 1st Generation Stanier dovdtstan
FIB Kuruma dovfibkur
FIB Washington dovfibwash
LSFD Brute Pony Ambulance dovfiambu
LSFD Heavy Firetruck dovfiheavy
SAHP Buffalo S dovhpbuff2
SAHP 1st Generation Stanier dovhpstan
SAHP 2nd Generation Stanier dovhpstan2
Mammoth Military Patriot dovmpatriot
NOOSE APC dovnapc
NOOSE Border Patrol Granger dovngran
NOOSE Jingoism Granger dovngran2
NOOSE Patriot dovnpatriot
NOOSE 1st Generation Stanier dovnstan
NOOSE Insurgent dovnsurgent
LSPD Merit dovpolmerit
LSPD 1st Generation Stanier dovpolstan
LSSD Granger dovshegran
LSSD Rancher dovsheranch
LSSD 1st Generation Stanier dovshestan





LSPD Detectives D_O_V_Dick_01
NOOSE Border Patrol D_O_V_Npatrol_01
NOOSE Jingoism Patrol D_O_V_Npatrol_02



This mod is the product of countless hours of hard work, not just by me, but by various modmakers from the community. Copying or redistributing this mod without the author's permission is prohibited, and doing so will not be taken lightly.
This mod is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com only
Special thanks to the mod's contributors, Dispatch of Variety won't be where it is now without them:

Aziz Kuchkarov

Pantyshot (New Home Cinema)
The Realism Team

Zippo Raid

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Posted 08 November 2017 - 11:37 PM

Hello ! This mod is great! I would just like to know, is it compatible with LSPDFR? Thank you !

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Posted 09 November 2017 - 11:27 AM Edited by Stryfaar, 09 November 2017 - 11:28 AM.

@BobyFrançais Thank you. It should be compatible, but I don't use LSPDFR nor have I tested DoV with it. That's for you, the users of the mod, to find out and see. If you get to test, kindly report the results to me, would be useful piece of information.  :beerhat:

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Posted 09 November 2017 - 07:47 PM Edited by BobyFrançais, 28 November 2017 - 09:51 PM.

@BobyFrançais Thank you. It should be compatible, but I don't use LSPDFR nor have I tested DoV with it. That's for you, the users of the mod, to find out and see. If you get to test, kindly report the results to me, would be useful piece of information.  

Hello ! I tried with LSPDFR and the game crash ... I would like so much that the mod can be compatible with LSPDFR, however I do not understand much in modding and I can not help you: /
Free to adapt it with the mod! (I hope so)
In any case thank you for your work and good luck!
I put you below the error code from "Rage Plugin Hook" which allows to run LSPDFR. I do not know if that can help you.
I send you this under txt file, I can not put it in message on GTAF it's too long:
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Posted 28 November 2017 - 10:14 PM Edited by BobyFrançais, 28 November 2017 - 10:14 PM.

Hello ! I managed to run the mod with LSPDFR, it was enough to change the gameconfig by this one: https: //fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars. However I have another problem, the cops appear to infinity until the crash of the game. Look at this screenshot, the number of cops on the radar. What you need to know is that they keep coming and the game is not happy. I would like to know where it can come from. Thanks in advance for the help :)



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Posted 14 December 2017 - 06:28 AM

@BobyFrançais Hey man, first of all, sorry for the late reply, I hope it's not too late.


That is likely due to the new gameconfig file you have, some tweaks will be needed to be made in the gameconfig. Thanks for the information too, by the way. I'll be updating the mod soon. :)

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Posted 27 January 2018 - 03:33 AM

Hello,i'm Very like this MOD,But  i find Bug about  Gameconfig , In game change Player around Build texture Eroor,  Sorry My English Very Bad.i looking forward to this MOD UPDATE  :lol: 。  i upload BUG screenshot in tonight  

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