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MapBuilderCE object oddness

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 04:37 AM Edited by meimeiriver, 01 November 2017 - 04:39 AM.

I'm experiencing a rather egregious behavior with MapBuilderCE 1.13.1 objects. They spawn just fine... Or do they?! All these objects have a weird notion of disappearing from view when you're not immediately looking at them. This can happen when tilting the camera up a bit, even. See:



At first I thought it was just a rendering glitch in-game; but CodeWalker (where the above image was taken in) does the exact same thing!

The MapBuilderCE ytyp is... odd, to say the least. Apart from the rather silly hash-obfuscations (it's broken, so you have to use the MetaTool to even view it, unlike normal ytyp maps OpenIV can view/edit natively), it lists, for instance, DRAWABLES as:


(<assetType>enum_hash_07C0CB71</assetType>, before OpenIV translated it)

Instead of:


So, I changed those to ASSET_TYPE_DRAWABLE. To no avail, alas. I must be missing something, as I'm not seeing any structural differences between this ytyp map and regular game ones. Anyone else have any idea?!



P.S. Why does my post look so ridiculously fragmented?! That's not how I entered it, I assure you.

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