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Posted 28 October 2017 - 10:32 PM Edited by ChengizVlad09, 29 October 2017 - 12:56 AM.

Release date: 12/10/04

Location: - "The Venue" Calton Road, Edinburgh. 


Time: - 9pm start.

Origin Info:
These were sent out as Invites to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Launch Party, most
likely to Rockstar Games employees and other significant people from within the gaming industry.
Little to nothing is known about The Launch Party, but one thing is certain - OG Loc wasn't there, luckily.
General assumption is that the 100$ bill was used as the Invitation itself, and the 69$ was actually a drink
Voucher, but it could easily turn out that both were used as the later - as a drink voucher.
Status and Availability:
The exact number of attendees is unknown, so is the possible number of these in circulation.
It's really rare to spot either of these out in the " wild ".  Given the nature of these two - an actual 
Rockstar Games very own party - a closed one, closely tied to our beloved game and
taking the mass production out of the way, puts these two right in the heart of the obscurity itself - 
and surely into the sought-after list as well.
1 " 100 $ " bill.
1 " 69 $ " bill.
*Anything from " Very Rare " to " Extremely Rare " or anything in between.
Price: Unknown
Party must have been ' lit '.
Photo Credits: Mosavon
Owners: 1
* Please note: The reliable Rarity Rating System still haven't been determined by the Administration and Staff, so the current status might be prone to changes.

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