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  • alif_321

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Posted 4 weeks ago

hi UNDERGROUND DEV i wanna re texture vc map and lc map, :panic: with hd and better texture  :colgate:please give me bypass to retexture that map, i try so hard but always fail :turn: , first i try to import new texture to custom.img but its fail, only LOD appear in game. i try to replacing the GAME_VC.IMG with another vice city project mod to san andreas but its also fail , so please , :panic: make another bypass re texture that map or open the GAME_VC.IMG, btw i can make the intro and trailer , to underground dev,


Please i wanna make this project great and Hd !,

Thanks to all underground dev..please im begging.


  • domac_x3

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Posted 4 weeks ago

If you're trying to join their team, I don't think they'll let you re-texture the whole Vice City and Liberty City with HD textures, since they want to keep the feel of the old 3D era.


If you're trying to mod the game yourself, I don't think it's posisble.

  • CT1612

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Posted A week ago

I had the same idea. With the difference, that I keep two UG installations. One completely unmodded to feel the nostalgia and a second one that is modified. A HD map mod would be perfect for the second one...

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