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[GTAO] Stupid Pleasures That Make You Chuckle

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Posted A day ago

Listening to randoms rage at me as I sit there. Quiet and smiling.

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Posted 20 hours ago Edited by interfreak, 19 hours ago.

Grove Street Troll
Drive into Grove Street, call the cops. Just as they arrive melee a gang member and watch 20 red dots appear around you and fire.
Take cover, and watch the fight with police commence. If you're lucky you'll see three or more units arrive for backup - the ensuing fight is glorious.
It's the psycho in the back!
Drive to the La Puerta Highway bridge (southern side of map), find a Tipper with no load in the back - make sure its the version with the flat ledge close to the cab, as you can take shelter on all 4 sides of the tray.
Make it stop and jump in the back, then start firing at traffic. Your driver will flee in terror, I practice my sniping skills on the panicked drivers around me. Bonus points if you can get 5 stars and your driver is still alive to see it, mega bonus points if you can get him to do a whole loop of the map.

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Posted 7 hours ago

Start Haulage in the A-Hauler and laugh as all the low levels (and many high levels) frantically tries to destroy the Trailer. 

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