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The impossible ending...

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  • AliNshz'

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Posted 2 weeks ago

So I've come across this freaking bug that has annoyed me for past 27 times. I did the mission: "A Revenger's Tragdey" 27 times, if not more. There is this bug, that when I'm on the water, steering the boat, when you get close to Little Jacob with the helicopter and you get under him to enter the helicopter you spam spacebar to get on it, that's usually the bug that people have, where you spam it but nothing happens because of too much FPS. Well I had that trouble too, but I fixed that with just locking my FPS to 30. But that's not all. When I get on the helicopter, when I'm vulnerable and helpless, because there's a cutscene, the Dimitry's men shoot a rocket at the helicopter and destroyes it. I can't do anything in that moment, I tried the mission atleast 27+ times and the same ending happened over and over, and over again.

Can anyone help? Is there any solution? I have no idea what to do, I can't finish the game...

Here's a video in action: 

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Posted A week ago

Never had that happen i simple cant climb up into the helicopter and i fall off, from then i just went with the other ending which makes more sense to me, whats the point of being there if romans dead and kate dont talk to you ?

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Posted A week ago

That's what you get for choosing deal!


But yeah, I've never had this problem. Try changing the number of FPS your game is locked to, or try letting them shoot the rocket before boarding the heli.

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Posted A week ago

Do you have patch It should fix frame rate related issues to this mission

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Posted A week ago

Thats why you don't trust a snake twice.

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