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is Temple Drive Ballas the most active Ballas OGs card?

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Posted 2 weeks ago

We all know the Main 3 Ballas cars but what's up with this 4th Ballas car called Temple Drive Ballas? They originated out far West of course but how? By who? Rollin Heights OGs? Front Yard OGs? Kilo Tray OGs? Where did this Ballas set come from? You got TDBs in Temple,Verona and Santa Maria. Which Temple hood came first? The ones in Temple? And why do they BANG HARDER than the rest of the Ballas cars such as Rollin Heights,Front Yard or Kilo Tray? Temple Drive Ballas seem more aggressive than alot of the other rival gangs in South Los Santos. Only set in South Central aggressive like TDB is Front Yard Ballas in Idlewood the ones in the Projects and Motel complex by the Well Stacked Pizza. When I'm in Temple the TDBs attack at a very high level and it's definitely different from what I've seen from most Ballas OGs hoods. Who are the most active Ballas OGs or Vagos OGs sets on your game? In my opinion and based on my gameplay it's:

*Rollin Heights in Jefferson & Williowfield on Dead End street
*Front Yard in Idlewood by train tracks in the Projects and Motel
*Temple Drive Ballas in Temple area

This is based on my game and Gang Map. Not everybody Map is layed out the same. For example I got Vagos in all of Glen Park,Jefferson(The Heart),East Los Santos in Projects with the White Fence. I got Ballas in all of Ganton. Top end of Ganton is nothin but Ballas OGs but bottom Ganton got Ballas and Vagos OGs and I think some Families hold minor influence there still also. Families got most of the West Side influenced in my game we stretch from the top of Idlewood all the way down into El Corona in the Projects and on the Dead End street where Ceaes stay. We coexist with Varrio Los Aztecas in the Projects and on that street and stuff really goes down. Our main rivals are Vagos in Glen Park & Jefferson,Front Yards in Idlewood and Aztecas in El Corona. I regulate out the Safe House in Jefferson and El Corona and Families hold influence in El Corona lightweight and influence in Jefferson barely but the homies still be out there and smashing on Vagos and Vagos deep asf in Jefferson not to mention next door in Glen Park we hold minor influence over there too so we be at it with all Vagos in Glen Park.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Posted 2 weeks ago











All gangs are the same in the game. Gang activity depends on what the player does with the turf, and all the different sets are only "different" in cutscenes. Outside of those, they're all the same.

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by SonnyNapoli, 2 weeks ago.

There are few things we can say about Temple Drive Ballas.

Strictly facts here:

  • They don't actually own any territory in Temple, untill the mission Green Sabre.
  • In the beggining of the game their only turf is Verona Beach
  • They have their set's own tag, that can be found in many Westside LS neighborhoods
  • They never figured or even mentioned in the storyline missions, unlike 3 other sets

According to these facts we can make few suggestions

  • Temple Drive Ballas is mostly defunct for some reasons (key members imprisoned/murdered, loosing their founding location to families)
  • They maybe intended to play bigger role in the game, but were dropped during some point of development

Anyway, we can never figure that out for sure.

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