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[PS4] Ultralight with Superboost - very strange Bug!

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  • snowwind

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Today I just flying around in my Ultralight to relax and this vehicle becomes for the first time, without any reason, faster and faster. You don't need a Minute to cross the map. :blink:
I could not fly small curves, only very long turns, but the speed was totally surreal. A Hydra was trying to hunt me, no chance, he was like a snail on the map!! lol
I had this 'supersonic boost' for the first time in this Game and I wonder how that happened, this was absolute amazing!
But after I try to brake and accelerate again this dream was over... : (
Has anyone ever experienced this Bug, is there a trick on how to force it? I want do this again!  :O

Cutter De Blanc
  • Cutter De Blanc

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Cutter De Blanc, 3 weeks ago.

Fly about 2000 feet in the air (above the clouds)
Point nose down and accelerate until you hear the engine pick up
Pull stick back and accelerate

Those are the basic instructions on how to do it. I can't get it to work consistently, myself.

  • snowwind

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Thanks, I'll try this! My experience was on a low flight without doing special tricks, I only remember that I flight at full speed and that's not really fast with this toy plane, but then it became the fastest vehicle I ever saw in GTA! : )

  • PwnageSoldier

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Lol. R*'s fault for designing a new vehicle movement style for the Ultralight without extensively testing it (you can't do barrel rolls, it's like a lot of arcade flying games).

  • polaris23


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Posted A week ago

Yeah this bug was discussed in detail on the vehicles thread for this plane

  • Jammsbro

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Posted A week ago

Seriously? I just sold mine because crossing the map was too slow!!!

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