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What's your Warstock description for the P-996 Lazer?

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Posted 4 days ago


I think it is a Pegasus Vehicle though. 


It is a PA.



Yeah the day after I posted that I realised the Warstock Cache and Carry description for it omitted the part where it says "This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar", concluding that of course it'll be a Pegasus Vehicle. 


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Posted 4 days ago

"f*cking up sh*t since 2013. You didn´t lived until you spawnraped the poor fools under you in your new hotpink P996-Lazer. Cupholders inclusive."

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Posted A day ago

Just got your hands on your dad's bank card? Fed up of people in these constantly raining fire from the sky on you?

For more than half the price and more versatility you could've bought a hydra, but when all your squeaker buddies from school turn up in one of these for no apparent reason other than to show off and get blown out of the sky, you'll be kicking yourself for not pulling the trigger on this one

You know you want too.....

*Chrome paint and f*cking dreadful rap music playing on your speaker to everyone in the lobby available at extra cost

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