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Worth buying a boat?

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  • EssCee

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Just wondering if it's worth buying a boat? If yes I'm looking at a Speeder. Could this be used in any missions or does it give any additional benefit?

  • CGFforLife

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Posted 3 weeks ago

If you love cruising water, then you should buy one

  • D9fred95

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Novelty vehicle at best. It's only real use in missions is to find submarine parts. 

  • DigitalBolognese

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Posted 3 weeks ago

why would you buy a boat? its gta, steal one

  • highspeed

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Posted A week ago

why would you buy a boat? its gta, steal one


This is what I thought too, until I bought my own with beautiful glazed wooden decking. The feeling of seeing there everytime at my dock, when I just want to cruise into the sunset and dream, man no feeling like it!


Go for it, buy a boat I say.

  • woggleman


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Posted A week ago

If you enjoy the boats as I do then by all means it is worth it.

  • Classique

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Posted A week ago

Reminds me of this good ol' meme:



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