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Problem with rouge

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The Sole Survivor
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Posted 2 weeks ago

is the consensus of opinion that it was a no warning homer? because it is. i've had many hydras die to them so i now constantly perform evasive manouvers in combat vs ground targets and ignore beeping.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

yes, you shouldn't stop evading just bcuz you no longer ear the beeping, and that isnt even the worst part, sometimes you dont even ear the lock on

  • Strikeslip

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Posted 2 weeks ago

The major problem with the "Rouge" is spelling.


Is it a generational thing? Are kids these days more into makeup than Star Wars?

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  • KingpinRCR


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Posted 4 days ago

It blew both the tail control surfaces off and I lost control there was no beeping and I was looking back when the explosion happened YOU could see no rocket trail when the explosion happened

1) according to the size of the explosion it was a HL-rocket
2) according to the lock-on and the beeping sounds it was a HL-rocket. (Seriously? You dont hear that?)
3) according to the curved rocket-trail visible a few seconds before impact it was a HL-rocket
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