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Hidden/layered images?

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Posted 4 weeks ago



Has someone opened any pictures/postcards from gta v in photoeditor and used black light, burn tool, changed brightness/contrast etc.? I have noticed that when I play, the game is full of hidden paintings, layered images(I don't know what they are called:) Even the postcards have something in them. I tried to make them pop out, but I'm not satisfied. In game you can use snapmatic, layers etc. and when the time and light is right you can see a lot. But I want to see more, more clearly and understand better what do I see!


Not very good examples: https://imgur.com/a/9utjJ



Cutter De Blanc
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Posted 4 weeks ago

What am I supposed to be seeing here?

I see the same picture with a different filter applied.

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Posted 4 weeks ago


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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by killso, 4 weeks ago.



We don't know what you're talking about.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Ok, sorry my bad.


I mean here is the mural(game pic) and under it is the same mural but I tried to see what else is there in the picture:



So, I'd like to know what do YOU see, and is there a way to see more clearly, because there is so much to see beneath the first layer(s).

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Look, uh....


Just please keep taking the medication like you were advised to. It's good for you.


P.S. There is nothing hidden in those pictures.

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Posted 3 weeks ago


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Posted 3 weeks ago

OP doesn't seem to have put any effort into actually making a discussion, so...locked.

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