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Oppressor hate and ridicule thread

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Happy Hunter
  • Happy Hunter


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Posted A week ago

The Hunter was just a little too fast for this broomstick.



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  • delorianlazarus


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Posted A week ago

I wanted my 1000th post to be for some good cause, so I decided to post it here.

I just come back from one more hunting session, and couple of "bikers" (lol, dat name can't be more wrong for them idiots) were looking at each other's ugly bikes, comparing their ugly paint jobs.

One AA APC salvo later, their were insulting my whole family tree.
They have no sense of respect, neither to other's family nor the eyeballs of people driving past them.

They looked a bit more peaceful after another salvo, by the way :D
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  • Ninja_Nicoya


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Posted A week ago

Hate crashing and that it can't really hover. Which is why I replaced mine with Deluxo.

Cutter De Blanc
  • Cutter De Blanc

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Posted 6 days ago

Crashing horribly on this bike always amuses the hell out of me for some reason.

I like when I boost, nick something, and the bike goes flying several hundred feet without me
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The First Hunter
  • The First Hunter

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Posted 6 days ago

Ahhh the feeling when some Oppressor griefer with half a brain tries to challenge me in my Stromberg.

  • BloodyCharity


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Posted 5 days ago

Never saw this thing as a threat,really. Deluxos are the real bitches,and unlike the Opressor,they're everywhere.

  • Kushology

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Posted 5 days ago

I see them more than Deluxo's. They're faster for travel but there are a few once in a while.

  • McGhee

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by McGhee, 4 days ago.

Never gave the Opressor much thought, because it looks like the designer was drunk and walked away in the middle of designing it and never came back. Read some old posts about the weekly sh*t they do and was astounded they even made this bike more ridiculous than it already was. Tartan??? Really?? :D :D :D

Peope actually want to be found dead next to that?? :D :D

Happy Hunter
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Posted 11 hours ago


ui ui ui

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Cryo The Hunter
  • Cryo The Hunter


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Posted 9 hours ago Edited by Cryo The Hunter, 9 hours ago.

I found a real life broomstick rider 


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