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[C#] Is is possible that swap spawned traffic vehicle to specific model ?

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 02:50 PM Edited by ES_SENCE, 20 September 2017 - 02:55 PM.

What's up, guys.


I'm sorry that I mistyped the subject of this post.


I wanted to ask "Is is possible to swap spawned traffic vehicle to specific model ?".


I'm trying to select a random vehicle in traffic then change it to specific vehicle model I want.


I found a native function, called CREATE_MODEL_SWAP.


I thought this method could help me but I don't know how to use this one.


Is there anyone who has an example of this method ?


Anyway, here is my code:

namespace myCode
    public class myCode : Script
        private Random dice = new Random();
        private List<string> targetVehs = new List<string> { "nero", "vigilante" };

        public myCode ()
            this.Tick += onTick;

        private void onTick (Object sender, EventArgs e)
            string selected = targetVehs[dice.Next(0, targetVehs.Count)];
            Model selectedVeh = new Model(selected);

            while (!selectedVeh.IsLoaded) Wait(0);

            if (selectedVeh.IsLoaded)
                Vehicle[] nearbyVehs = World.GetNearbyVehicles(Game.Player.Character, 200.0f);
                Vehicle sourceVeh = nearbyVehs[dice.Next(0, nearbyVehs.Length)];

                Blip b = addOn.AddBlip();
                Function.Call(Hash.SET_BLIP_SPRITE, b, 227);
                Function.Call(Hash.SET_BLIP_COLOUR, b, 0);
                Function.Call(Hash.SET_BLIP_SCALE, b, 0.7f);
                Function.Call(Hash.SET_BLIP_AS_SHORT_RANGE, b, true);

                Function.Call(Hash.CREATE_MODEL_SWAP, sourceVeh.Position.X, sourceVeh.Position.Y, sourceVeh.Position.Z, 10.0f, sourceVeh.Model, selectedVeh.Model, true);

When I run the game, blip would be created for source vehicle which is nearby, but source vehicle won't be swapped to target vehicle.


If I should use another function, please let me know.


Thank you for reading.

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