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What's your Eleanor?

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  • beanzinapot

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Never really had a problem sourcing cars.. I steal it, park it, kill the waves of npcs, or call Lester to get the cops off me (whichever the case may be) and take an easy drive back to the warehouse.

Lately ive been getting the source mission where all you have to do is follow a kuruma back to a certain location, kill the npcs and grab the car with no waves coming after me.

Another one ive been getting a lot too is the DUI one. Just go up to the mountainside, shoot the cops, call Lester and take the car for an easy ride back to the warehouse.

Forza Harrd
  • Forza Harrd


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Posted 3 weeks ago

My actual Eleanor is my own actual T20. I bought it at the same time I bought a bunch of supercars (about the same time the Tempesta was released) so I never really got to know the car and how it handles.


So every time I drive it I crash. A lot. It is kind of fast.

Commander S
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Commander S, 3 weeks ago.

...basically this, for one obvious reason:





  • Melkor1993

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Posted 3 weeks ago

None...though i still did not master that 3 wheeled car i have yet...

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