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Terrible Sell Mission

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Posted A week ago

Yeah had that same one, think I managed to make 3 drops before the autoaim got to me. It was relentless though, as soon as they spawned bullets never stopped hitting my plane, surprised I got as far as I did. Closing down my smuggling business for good.

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Posted A week ago Edited by ash-274, A week ago.

are any of the full hangar sell missions do-able with one player?

Two-Skylifts can be done solo, but it had better be a peaceful/empty lobby and you had better be good at flying heavy aircraft efficiently. In ideal conditions it still takes nearly the full 20 minutes.

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Posted A week ago

Just had the Mogul one for 10 chemical crates and of course the police choppers shot me to sh*t before I could make the last two drops. 3/5 delivered, 136.5k, meh.

What's funny is that I had three Havoks right before this sale for 10 narcotic crates and I made 4/6 drops on that one, missing the last two drops as well. Reason being? I clipped one of the Havoks with my own while returning to the hangar and of course that piece of sh*t went into its awkward positioning. Had to sticky bomb it to get it back to normal but then the engine dies right before the first of two drops. 136.5k for this one too. Lol

Bad game design doesn't even begin to describe the faultiness of this update. I genuinely can't believe the gameplay I'm seeing firsthand. I used to exaggerate it slightly but now it's actually happening right in front of my eyes.

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Posted A week ago Edited by derek0514, A week ago.

Yes my impression too is solo sell not very doable or impossible w this. I tried one and failed miserably. Done w SR. I am not going waste my time where I had 4 delivery vehicles make 2 drops each for what $20k - and that was Doubled?

Like the hangar though.
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Posted A week ago

I had this mission last night, and boy.....did I learn my lesson of playing solo 

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Posted 6 days ago

Finally ran into this mission last night... it's possibly even worse than Post Op Vans because having one player per delivery vehicle doesn't guarantee delivery at all.


In my experience, the police choppers all went after one friend who made 2/5 drops before his Mogul died, while completely ignoring me... then the choppers spawned on me a few seconds later right before I hit 4/5 drops... and my Mogul was dead before hitting the last drop point.


Third person made 5/5 deliveries, but all told only 11/15 packages got delivered, a worse ratio than the equivalent number of post op vans would have been. Post Ops are boring, but at least no respawning terminator NPCs are trying to kill you.


I don't care about the money loss I suffered, but considering this DLC also had good delivery missions like the one using Hunters to blow up enemies at the drop points, the Mogul one sucks pretty hard and it is hard to fathom how stupid s**t like this made the cut... or, it would be if I wasn't so cynically-inured to expecting this sort of thing from this game by now.

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