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Things GTA Vice City did better than GTA San Andreas

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I'll start.

-Soundtrack (I had at least one favourite song on every station, favourites were Africa by Toto, I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls and Automatic by the Pointer Sisters.)

-Main character (I liked CJ but Tommy was an absolute badass who is actually my second favourite protagonist behind Niko Bellic.)

-Ending (End of the Line was good but Keep Your Friends Close was an intense and genius mission. "I just wanted to piss you off before I kill you".)

-Setting (Loved the setting, and how well it was done. Some buildings just look a bit ugly though.)

-Atmosphere (Rockstar absolutely nailed this. San Andreas did well with the 90s atmosphere but i'm afraid that Vice City takes the cake with the 80s atmosphere. The music, the cars, the neon. Bloody loved it.)

-Characters and Story (San Andreas had good and memorable characters, like Mike Toreno and Woozie, but Vice City has Tommy Vercetti, Ricardo Diaz, Sonny Forelli, Lance Vance, Ken Rosenberg. I could go on and on. The story too, the satisfaction of killing Sonny and the Scarface-inspired story just won me over.)


So what about you guys? What things did you think were done better in Vice City than San Andreas?


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I agree with all of those minus the ending as I felt EOTL was better as it was an original ending and not a blatant scarface rip. Not saying KYFC is a bad mission as it's great but I think SA's was better but aside from that VC in every category.

Evil empire
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Soundtrack and cars handling to make it short.

  • GrudgefromSanAndreas

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Posted A week ago

  • Ability to rob stores
  • floating newspapers on the streets
  • more car parts could be damaged and fall off
  • better weather/climate rendering

  • j7n


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Posted A week ago

- Ability to deposit weapons at the airport and pick them up again.
- Highway signs are actually readable at a distance at a "natural" resolution.
- Shiny cars.


Richie Makyura
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Posted A week ago Edited by Richie Makyura, A week ago.

This theme should be called things GTA 3, VC, LCS & VCS Did better than San Andreas: Anyway heres my opinion.


Ambient sounds like GTA 3 Restaurants, Buildings and the Cinemas of Portland.


More harder cops. I Think the GTA SA IA of the cops and gangs or enemy,s its so ridicolous easy.


More Vehicle sub missions like the Firetruck Rampage in LCS or the Pizzaboy from VC.


3 & VC Color pallete textures, the darkers colors is great in my opinion.


GTA 3 Gore effect (Mutilate people parts with weapons).


GTA 3 & VC Death Animations.


The sound effects, I prefer the other 4.


CJ is not a Badass, CJ everytime stand in the Sweets shadow and for everything cry incluiding for saving is own brother.


Too ridiculous Missions and Off Topic Missions on San Andreas (aka relleno)


Short memorable characters in San Andreas


Make Skins option like in GTA 3 and Vice City.


Too Much Planes only for the player can be used and only you use 5.


*If i Remember other thing I Edit this Reply

  • tonymontana5

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Posted A week ago

Fair point, but the thing is Vice City and San Andreas are both the most loved 3D universe games so I thought we could try see what everyone likes about Vice City which has less features but is almost equally liked as much as San Andreas.

Algonquin Assassin
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Posted A week ago

-Tommy's not a little pussy.

-Better interiors.

-Better melee weapons.

-Better properties and businesses to buy.

-Sonny Forelli isn't overrated to high heaven like Tenpenny is.

-Rampages are more fun than turf attacks.


-Less gimmicky bullsh*t like eating to get fat.

-A much more cohesive and focussed story.

-Clothing choices that don't look like they're apart of a child's dress up party,

  • ExTerminator

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Posted A week ago

- Vice City > LS+SF+LV. 


- Better setting. I'd take 80s Miami over 90s Los Angeles any day.


- Better graphics, at least IMO. The atmosphere in the game is spot-on, while San Andreas' atmosphere could've been better.


- Pre-made outfits. Tommy looks badass on all of the outfits, the main reason for this being that the outfits were designed by the devs, and the player wasn't presented with a dress-me-up minigame to create the worst clothing combinations imaginable. 


- Better talk radio stations.


- Weapon sounds.


- No Catalina.


- No Carl Johnson. He was the most vapid and uninteresting GTA protagonist till the release of V. Tommy becomes the kingpin at the end of the game, while CJ still remains as an insignificant little pawn.


- No RPG stats like muscle, stamina, sex appeal etc. 


- Vice City's missions make sense, unlike SA's.


- The PC version of the game isn't glitchy.


- No pointless things like hovercrafts, bicycles, go-karts, cargo planes, Harrier jets etc.


- Overall better NPC (especially police) AI.


- Challenging missions.


- And obviously, better story.

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Am Shaegar
  • Am Shaegar

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Posted A week ago

- Story is quite more engaging, but that's mainly due to it being set only in one city.

- Missions are a bit more open ended than SA's, including the variety in them.


These two are the only things that give Vice city slight edge over SA. 

SA is obviously better, bigger and much more immersive, and fun. That doesn't make Vice City pale in comparison. Both games are amazing to play, and the best GTA's in the franchise.

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Evil empire
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Posted 4 days ago

The weather is globally better rendered (although the purple sky at night in the desert is very nice). The ability to rob stores is entertaining.

The hotring and car races are way much funnier.

  • Terrc87

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Posted 2 hours ago

More ambient sound appear on the city skirt, like Church bell, disco sound, wind blowing up and more
More ambient sound appear on the city skirt, like Church bell, disco sound, wind blowing up and more

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