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GTAForums Weekly Issue 26

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Posted 10 September 2017 - 08:00 PM


Week of September 3rd - September 9th




Welcome to the twenty-sixth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!

Snaptographers and community members may rejoice as Season 3 of the GTAF Snap Battle has officially begun. Hosted by V4S this time around, this season's theme is "Weekend Driver". Anyone who is interested is encouraged to participate by posting their best snaps that fit with the theme in their respective platform submission topic (find submission topics below in Topics of the Week). No concrete details have been announced regarding prizes yet, but we can expect official Rockstar merchandise, along with having your winning snap shared across GTANet's social platforms. Round 1 will be ending this upcoming Friday at 9 AM GMT (5 AM EDT / 2 AM PST), so be sure to submit your snaps before it's too late. More details regarding rules and such may be found in this topic.
In the News sub-forum, we've got a news thread regarding a remastered version of L.A Noire, and Issue 20 of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics. Spider-Vice lists all of the info anyone would ever need detailing the remaster for current gen consoles, even including the Nintendo Switch, plus a VR version. Of course, you can find more details regarding the news in Spider's "Rockstar Central" segment. Issue 20 of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics includes an interview regarding a community member's mod workshop, details about the LF-22 Starling aircraft featured in GTA O's latest DLC, and more great snaps from the community.
GTAForums currently has a total of 15,039,532 total posts (+12,518 from last week) and 715,118 total members (+501 from last week) at the time this is being posted.



Welcome to the twenty-sixth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

L.A. Noire
Against all odds, and during a really long info drought for RDR2 (we’re still hating on you for that R*), Rockstar have announced a long-rumoured remaster of L.A. Noire, including Nintendo Switch (against all odds, again!) and HTC Vive support!
Coming on November 14 2017, this new version of the iconic L.A. Noire will be divided in three sub-versions depending on each platform’s demands:
- L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files will be the HTC Vive’s version of the game, delivering “seven of the original engrossed self-contained cases from L.A. Noire, rebuilt specifically for Virtual Reality, blending breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience”.
- L.A. Noire for the Nintendo Switch will feature the original PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game, enhanced to support many of the Switch’s features, such as the Joy-Con with gyroscopic, gesture-based controls, HD rumble, and new camera angles, along with contextual touch screen controls for portability!
- L.A. Noire for the current-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One will be the ultimate remastered experience! It will deliver the original game and all its DLC, with a range of technical enhancements such as enhanced lighting and clouds, new camera angles, high resolution textures and “more”. It will run at 1080p on the regular versions of the current generation consoles, but it will also run at a stunning 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X!
All these new versions of L.A. Noire are now available for pre-order, with some more information on the brand-new L.A. Noire website here.
GTA Online
This week in GTA Online, Rockstar have released more bonuses for the masses! You need money to gain money, in this case, to run your business efficiently, so Rockstar is offering another week of some bonuses and unlocks. The bonuses start out by a hefty double GTA$ and RP bonus on the Motor Wars adversary mode, a very Battle Royale/PUBG style adversary more where the objective is surviving as a team by getting what weapons/vehicles you can, in an ever-shrinking border!
To get into San Andreas’ latest clothing trends, Rockstar has unlocked the brand new white Shrewsbury Logo t-shirt. For it to be yours, all you have to do is log in into the game before September 11.
Some regular bonuses were also released, with 25% off the following things:
- The Pegassi Reaper
- The Progen Itali GTB (incl. upgrade)
- The Imponte Nightshade
- The Invetero Coquette Classic (both models)
- The Bravado Half-Track (both regular and trade prices)
- Body Armour
- Vehicle Armour, including Smuggler’s Run Aircraft Armour
- Bulletproof Tires
- Standard Ammo (not including Mk II ammo)
For those with the need for speed, Rockstar have switched up their premium race and time trial offerings this week as well:
- Premium Race: “Criss Cross” (locked to the Ruiner 2000)
- Time Trial: “Route 68”
Created by CaliMeatWagon, the same member who created the past couple of DLC knowledgebases and many more in the past, the thread aims to give new and “old” players alike an idea of what is needed to run a business in Smuggler’s Run. Facts, tips, tricks and even calculations for supply pricing and other stuff are all here! In this case, just the OP contains a few facts about the current Smuggler’s Run business model, supply type bonuses and respective cooldown times, a breakdown of crate profits, a comparison of the number of crates to sell vs. vehicles you have to use, and all the requirements for the vehicle discounts!
A lot more can be found within the rest of the thread, as other members also pour their knowledge and ask questions about the DLC. Check it out by clicking the title.









































We caught up with infamous community modder _CP_ for a brief interview this week.

unbid: What brought you to GTAForums?
_CP_: I've been playing GTA series games since I was 9. I was amazed by possiblites of this series, but I've always look at the files and tried to understand how game is working, that's why I created an account on GTAForums, mostly for modding purposes.
How did you create your username?
That is a shortcut of my previous nick, City_Poke912. Yeah, that's dumb, just a two random words which came to my mind. People started to shorten up my nickname, so I've change it to CP.
What do you enjoy most about the forum? Is there anything you'd like to change about it?
Most of my posts are related to modding, GTAF members helped me to improve my skills to create better mods, improving GTA experience.
Which forum member do you feel closest to?
I have the best relations with VCS:PC members, like Ash, Silent and aap, who are very talented. Of course I can't forget about good buddy, robi29, my VisualV teammate, now he's improving his programming skills which are well acclaimed in the community.
What inspired you to create VisualV and IVPack?
Me and robi29 weren't so convinced with the climate of graphics of GTA V, of course it's not awful and repulsive, but we had a different vision to change existing weather conditions. Some of Rockstar's ideas were dumb, like chromatic aberration or yellowish lighting. So when last-gen version was relased, we grabbed GTA V files and started to document and understand how things are done. When PC version was finally shown to the public, we had some interesting ideas to check and when me and robi were satisfied, we released the first version of VisualV.
There's a differnt story behind IVPack. I and other members of this forum were surprised that whole fleet of GTA IV vehicles were missing in the next installment. I was suggesting to other people to bring few GTA IV vehicles to V but... I've started doing them. It took me a year to bring all IV vehicles and correct them to fit in Rockstar's quality (because current-gen verison has first person mode).
Is there anything you would like to improve in regards to those two modifications?
VisualV is pretty much done, main goals were achieved, the same thing goes to IVPack. People complained about game stability but I guess it's much better now.
Do you have plans to create modifications for other GTA / Rockstar games?
PC fan port of Vice City Stories was resurrected, I was in the team years ago and I immiediately wanted to give a few cents. Currently I'm redoing all vehicles, making some changes to fit the game atmosphere, that's why they're looking stunning.
Do you plan on retiring from the modding scene?
Maybe, GTA V has changed the modding scene and "the old army" like Jestic, GTARandom, Silent are not so active in changing RAGE games these days, I don't know too how can I be useful for V community.
If Rockstar decided to release all the vehicles from IV in the future update, how would you integrate it with IVPack?
Good question, probably IVPack will be discontunied, but will Rockstar do it in the future? I highly doubt.
What's your favorite Rockstar Games series or title?
My first GTA title was Vice City and I'm replaying it sometimes to feel the 80's atmosphere. Thanks to this game I love 80's music, pop culture, and vehicles.
Picture this; you've suddenly become an admin here on the forum. What do you do first?
I would like to minimize derailing the topic with stupid and unnecesaary posts.
Tell us more about the person behind your alias. Any favorite interests, hobbies, music, and so on?
When it's warm outside, I like to grab my bike and ride it to live healthy. As I said earlier, I like to hear 80's music, pop, rock, new wave, it has a lot of good vibes.
Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
Thank you for reading this text. I'm here for 10 years and I hope to be here for the next 10 years.



ODESZA - La Ciudad



ODESZA is an electronic music duo from Seattle, formed by members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. Their previous album, “In Return”, was released in 2014 and received positive reviews from critics. “La Ciudad” is the thirteenth track from the band’s second album, released this past Friday. The features a mostly slow-paced vibe, filled with euphoric drum beats, vocal chops, strings and a nice piano beat, making for a great chillout track.


Album: A Moment Apart

Genre: Indietronica

Release Date: September 8, 2017

Label(s): Foreign Family Collective/Counter/Ninja Tune

Writer(s): Harrison Mills, Clayton Knight




Android - Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week

Ash_735 - Get Modified

Kaniel Outis - GTAForums News

slohbur - Graphics Assistant

Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central

Testarossa - Track of the Week

unbid - Interviewer

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Posted 10 September 2017 - 08:06 PM

Y u no interview me
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Posted 10 September 2017 - 08:10 PM

I want a second interview, ho.

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Posted 10 September 2017 - 08:13 PM

Nice interview :^:

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 12:58 AM

Y u no interview me

Same here. I was supposed to be in issue 20 and he told me "oh yeah sure we picked your interview blablabla". Now it's issue 26 and I haven't heard from him again.  :dozing:

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 01:13 AM Edited by Murciélago, 11 September 2017 - 01:13 AM.


Y u no interview me

Same here. I was supposed to be in issue 20 and he told me "oh yeah sure we picked your interview blablabla". Now it's issue 26 and I haven't heard from him again.  :dozing:


wooooow interview him @Android

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 01:14 AM

Sounds like a problem.

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 01:15 AM Edited by Leone Family, 11 September 2017 - 01:16 AM.



Y u no interview me

Same here. I was supposed to be in issue 20 and he told me "oh yeah sure we picked your interview blablabla". Now it's issue 26 and I haven't heard from him again.  :dozing:


wooooow interview him @Android


He HAD interviewed me and everything was going normally but then I see someone else was featured in issue 20 and I was like "WTF?" so I PM'd him multiple times but he straight up ignored me.

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 10:17 AM Edited by Matrelith, 11 September 2017 - 08:03 PM.

Great issue again.  :^:  

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 02:55 PM

Amazing issue as always, guys! Keep it up!

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Posted 11 September 2017 - 03:47 PM Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger, 11 September 2017 - 03:48 PM.

Good read once again!

Testarossa, my dude... Another nice tune!

Thought you were gonna go with "Glenn Frey - Smuggler's Blues" in honor of the recent Smuggler's Run update. :D

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