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What do you think works? Being Nice to People or Being Rude?

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Scaglietti, 6 days ago.

You weren't being nice in her view, though. If you work with people, you gotta know how to put yourself into their shoes and imagine what they are going through before deciding on your action.
You just saw them waste money on lottery tickets, and likely noticed they had a sh*tty day. The nicest thing you could have done was thrown them away and wish them a nice day.

And lick their boots clean while he was at it.
I think it's funny you can tell all the hardcore haxxor kids who have never had a real job or even a sh*tty customer service one
Because i'm not a paycheck slave, i'm a kid? Well, guess again. I work for myself.
Lemme guess bowse, computer repair? War21.jpg
And that's it for me, you folks enjoy your topic.
Congrats for totally not making yourself look like an arrogant douche.

OT: If I were a customer in there with her I woulda told the dumb bitch to throw the sh*t away herself. But as a worker, just do what she asks. You're getting paid. End of story.
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Posted 6 days ago

It's tricky because you're being paid to provide a service, and everybody has a different idea of what service entails. Not only that, but there's a way to go about everything. I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've asked somebody working in retail if they have a rubbish bin I could use to put my coffee cup in. I'm always polite, because in the back of my mind I assume they're not obligated to help me with that. I speak like they'd be doing me a favour, because they're doing exactly that. I don't throw my weight around and assume it's their birthright to take my scraps and be thankful for it. If they say no for whatever reason, I thank them anyway and move on. You don't know the reasoning behind anybody's decision unless you're told.


You get far further by being polite at first. You'd be surprised what people will do for you if you act nice, even when you're not in the mood. That's not limited to just retail either.

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Am Shaegar
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Posted 6 days ago

It happens someone had a bad day that may be not in the good mood and might get annoyed even though you are not wrong in asking them to throw in the bin. Its best to remain polite under such circumstances. Sometimes I have lost my cool over small things, and people have never responded to me in a rude manner. They understand that I'm not in a good mood today, and its best to just ignore my behavior. If such instances (in your case: the same customer) happen on a regular basis then its quite obvious my colleagues won't think twice about complaining my behavior.


Usually, I don't think you may have to deal the same customer on a daily basis, and it's only just a couple of instances in a week or so then it should be really easy to overlook such customers. 

Like I said earlier, I also find many genuinely good people who sometimes get annoyed on the slightest issues, but I tend to ignore and don't respond to them rudely, since that was not really intentional. 

Those who like to deliberately annoy and take advantage of other's decency, I think it's really not a great idea of being polite with them.

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Posted 6 days ago

Those who like to deliberately annoy and take advantage of other's decency, I think it's really not a great idea of being polite with them.


That's something I forgot to mention. Some people are just deliberately antagonistic. They feed on control and often enjoy belittling others so they feel superior somehow. These are people that are lacking something in life that dissatisfies them. They should be pitied. You can spot them a mile off, especially if you're in a job where you are interacting with the public regularly. Sometimes you'll get them over the phone or via email too. You can't avoid these situations and you certainly can't win in any moral sense. You seldom walk away feeling good about it, but sometimes it is best to roll with the punches and just go about your day as best you can. You won't change these people, and they certainly aren't a reflection on what all people are like.

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Posted 4 days ago

OP I'd look for a new job.  I worked at a Gas Station once, not only is it very hazardous to your health(even if it isn't full serve), but a Gas Station attendant is on par with burger flipper in terms of how people/customers interact with you.  I would have people pull up to the pumps, honk at me and get me to go buy them there smokes as if this was some sort of drive-thru.  I've been held up by a crackhead wielding an x-actol knife, yelled at(because I am solely to blame for the price of gas in N. America), and so on.  It didn't matter how polite I was, I was making minimum wage and for some reason people think that's an excuse to treat you like garbage.  "I make more money in a month than you do in a year" People are honestly like that and it's sickening.


To answer your question, yes it is better to be polite.  But sometimes you got to look around and ask yourself how can I better my situation.  Good Luck!

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Posted 4 days ago



With my experience in this little span of life, this saying "As you sow, so shall you reap" has been fruitful and true indeed. Universe is always trying  to help you out if you are honest and sincere about things and in any situation. If you are nice to somebody, it will definitely come back to you. If you are rude, for that moment you may win or you may feel superior to the other person but just remember this, it will definitely come back to the way you have given it.


Laws of karma have always worked the right way, it is just that people have not bothered about it. Rest is left to you my friend. 



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