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Recently been received tons of money by modders against my will. How do i contact rockstar?

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  • RameSkac


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I was afk to grab something to eat I was on passive after finishing some ceo missions with a buddy when two dudes in tanks start giving me tons of money, i want to respond to rockstar that this money transfer was not willing by my behalf how do i contact them? :(

Happy Hunter
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Posted 2 weeks ago

I wouldn't, to be honest. They are whacked out, removing people's legitimate money in every direction. I wouldn't trust them to take your word for it.


But I don't know a lot about these things.

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  • Mach1bud


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Go here-




Fill it out and wait for a response. Can take minutes or days.

  • X15


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I also wanted my modded $1,000,000 removed. Instead, they removed $12,000,000 from my account. They are being real punks right now.

  • Gaffa™

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Posted 2 weeks ago

As stated in the official article published here making a report is simply a waste of your time. 

  • Quinn_flower

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I wouldn't op....r* been cleaning legit money as well
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  • Locce

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Just make a (mental or physical) note about the amount of modded money and keep your account higher than that. In no case you should contact R* support. Even if they do anything it wil be to your detriment, because chances are that the next time their anti-cheat does a check (read: arbitrarily decides who loses money and how much) it will probably take your money anyway regardless if the support has already adjusted your account.

  • RameSkac


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Posted 2 weeks ago

so I better keep my mouth shut then.

  • pptz84


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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by pptz84, 2 weeks ago.

so I better keep my mouth shut then.



Yes, I think you should.


Ideally you spend the money on stuff you planned buying anyway. This has the advantage that rockstar doesn't take properties, and when they do take money to correct things it's not money you were saving for something.

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