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Various issues with helmets (lol)

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 02:31 PM

Just a couple of minor, but annoying things.


1. I've found that with the new helmets (that have the attached mics and binoculars / quadoculars) when sometimes getting out of a car, after the helmet has appeared back on your character's head, he annoyingly removes it straight away.  Anyway to prevent this happening?


2. Also with the same helmets, anytime I start a new mission etc, it's automatically removed.  Again, anyway to prevent this from happening?  It's tiresome having to select the outfit from the mini menu everytime.


3. Finally, I've noticed in cutscenes, some players still manage to keep their helmets on, whilst mine is always removed everytime.  Really irritating.  Don't understand why R* is so anal about this that they must have it that your criminal character (who would surely like to at times keep his identity hidden) has to remove his mask, helmet, hat etc out of some bizarre mark of respect.  **** that, Gerald and the rest of his Contact buddies are all dirt.  Are the people who are managing to keep their helmets on glitching or something?


Thanks all!

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