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GTA Life Roleplay, w/ Economy, Police, Businesses, etc.

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 01:09 AM

I run a life roleplay in GTA Online for Xbox One, I’m experienced and previously have lead three different rp's. If anyone is interested in joining, can roleplay seriously or has experience in such games, please contact me. Currently we have openings for police officers, nightclub staff, reporters, security guards, pilots, farmers, lawyers, and people who have high aspirations in the corporate field.
In our roleplay, you can work for a private company or start your own, be a homeless bum and don't work, invest in real stocks, open a night-club, buy homes, boats, cars, planes etc. Every aspect of the roleplay is on the website. One unique feature of our game is that you can invest your roleplay money into real stocks on the New York exchange. The investing page on the site has a real-time stock ticker and gives you financial analytics on any stock you’re interested in. This allows people to make money in new ways, and for criminals to keep their money offshore. 
I should also add, that unlike many other rp's, this one is not a dictatorship. I focus on banking as I'm the bank manager, and we have a council of knowledgeable business people and civil servants that vote on laws and changes. Also, we have an independent court system for all criminal & civil cases, and a banking system on the website. My gamertag is ridge55, contact me if you are serious.
Our website address is:  http://ridgelym3.wixsite.com/lslife

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