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Do you think the max number of players in freemode should be increased again?

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Poll: Should Freemode Receive another increase on player capacity. From 32 To...? (90 member(s) have cast votes)

Should Freemode Receive another increase on player capacity. From 32 To...?

  1. Yes. (22 votes [24.44%])

    Percentage of vote: 24.44%

  2. No. (68 votes [75.56%])

    Percentage of vote: 75.56%

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Xbox Prisoner
  • Xbox Prisoner

    Player Hater

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Posted 2 weeks ago

i pretty much think so

Scuba 21
  • Scuba 21

    Mack Pimp

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Scuba 21, 2 weeks ago.


Rather have old school 16 player lobby while using additional resources to implement wildlife.

Pretty much think thread should be closed now.
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  • Rafae


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Hell no.

The opposite actually.
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  • benjaminstrike

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by benjaminstrike, 2 weeks ago.

Yea it would be pretty fun

JF Prodigy
  • JF Prodigy


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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by JF Prodigy, 2 weeks ago.

OP joined 10 hours ago and has 5 topics out already, I'm sorta impressed.


But no, more players = more lag, more network errors, more abusing "kick" features, more potential griefers (with fewer ways to escape), and more bugs (possibly connected to lag). 

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  • FallingAway


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Posted 2 weeks ago

You think there are connection issues now...lol
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LL Cool L
  • LL Cool L

    Living Healthy

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Posted 2 weeks ago

if there were friendly lobbies or PvE lobbies then yes
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  • DemonicSpaceman


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Hell no.

Reason -lag.

30 player sessions, even 20 player sessions, can get extremely laggy (on Xbox One). If a lot of players have police after them it gets ridiculously unplayable. It's this which causes vehicles to spawn in upside down or fly across the map or even spawn half inside a building.

Increasing the player capacity in freeroam would be horrible.
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  • GTP_Monkey

    Punk-ass Bitch

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Posted 2 weeks ago

most consoles cannot cope with more, except maybe the PS4 Pro 

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  • gtafan26

    Burnt Spy

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Posted 2 weeks ago

LMAO, um no

  • DarknessInferno

    Defence Master

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I miss the smaller lobbies.

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  • Locrito1995


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Big lobbies randomly split up anyhow.

  • delorianlazarus


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Posted 2 weeks ago

My Savage wants foooooood
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The Sole Survivor
  • The Sole Survivor

    of vault 111

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Posted 2 weeks ago

more target rich environment for carpet bombing i suppose

  • ALifeOfMisery

    I see dead people...real ones....often.

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Posted A week ago

With my internet connection I suppose even bigger lobbies would mean solo public would be almost guaranteed for me, but seriously, no.

I'd actually be happier if the player cap and CEO slots were reduced.

Forza Harrd
  • Forza Harrd


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Posted A week ago

OP joined 10 hours ago and has 5 topics out already, I'm sorta impressed.




I hope he put more thought into his other ones.

  • joel15cat

    You are becoming hysterical

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Posted A week ago

More lag? No, thanks.

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  • Black-Dragon96

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Posted A week ago

Nope. Its laggy enough.

  • septimoose

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Posted A week ago

Easy there cowboy, GTA can't handle the size it's at now. As literally everyone else has said, it should be decreased by half. 

  • gnomefromnome

    to each his gnome

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Posted A week ago

I think it's fine the way it is. 

  • Jammsbro

    Pogo 4 life

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Posted A week ago

I say yes. The easier I can get an empty lobby, the more chance I have of selling without some clown ruining days of grind.

  • IamCourtney


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Posted A week ago

On PS4 I find 15-20 players is usually the sweet spot of enough action to be exciting while still leaving room to maneuver and maintaining good enough performance.
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  • R3CON

    Cesar Vialpando

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Posted A week ago Edited by R3CON, A week ago.

I prefer active lobbies and I would definitely welcome a measured increase of more players in the session. The more people, the more lively a session feels to me and vice versa.

As long as the stability/connections to the session wouldn't be affected, let's go for it. I would also like a way for blips to be off the radar and folks to have a (R* sanctioned) way to sell solo. Hopefully in this hypothetical situation all of these concerns would be worked out.
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Tails Prower
  • Tails Prower

    Sonic Mania

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Posted A week ago

Well if they ever sort out the many bugs with the new missions this update has presented (cargo disappearing/missions not progressing etc) then maybe it's an idea.


However I can't see it ever happening, the game struggles enough as it is with all the stuff that goes on in free roam now, it will only get worse if you try to add more players

to a lobby and I think R* know this which is why it has not happened or been mentioned at all. Remember this is still a PS3 game engine so would have to be rebuilt again I suspect.

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  • Shadowfennekin

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Posted A week ago

Hell no,

They'd have to up the number of max Orgs/MCs for one, given the amount of players who just start one up and do nothing... not even inviting other players and as a result making people who WANT to do org stuff have to session hop


Plus the lag is unbearable at times, especially when people are using a McDonalds or Starbuck level wi-fi

  • DrRumpleSweatyForeSkin

    Jet Lover & Freemode Terrorist Since 2013

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Posted A week ago

Its fine, there are more than enough people for you to terrorize.

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  • ntinoskonsta

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Posted A week ago

Hell to the no, decrease it to 16 if anything. Or, if you're going to keep it at 30, get some f*cking dedicated servers, R*. What do you think session splits and framerate drops are caused by?

  • _47_

    Fighter Pilot

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Posted A week ago

Increase the player lobby limit? As if the lobbies now werent bad enough. Hell no.

  • The-Irish-Hunter

    God is real, and he is an Attack Helicopter.

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Posted A week ago

Absolutely not. It should be decreased.


Big lobbies make the frame rate drop to like, 15. More would make it a slide show.

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  • PwnageSoldier

    Commander of Wolf Ops and CEO of Wolves Inc.

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Posted A week ago Edited by PwnageSoldier, A week ago.

Gimme my f*cking dogs and sharks so I can actually jump the shark.

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