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Favorite Video Game Moments

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Posted 2 weeks ago

What's your favorite video game moments? Share yours here!



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Femme Fatale
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, real life Gay bars don't do the bus stop. :/ I asked once, and they said "The what?"
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Posted 2 weeks ago

"I am the one, who survived!"

Says enough.
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Uncle Sikee Atric
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Posted A week ago Edited by Uncle Sikee Atric, A week ago.


Sometimes audio logs are enough to make you realize just how horrific this is, visuals aren't necessary.  When you hear this in context for the first time, it starts to hit home just how deep in it you are....


This is how horror and fear should be, let your imagination do the work.

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Posted A week ago


Finding Rachel Amber - Life is Strange Season 1 (This scene still makes me cry, 2 years later)


Riding into Mexico - Red Dead Redemption

The end - BioShock

Nuking Megaton - Fallout 3

Battle of Kaer Morhen - The Witcher 3

Caligula's Heist - San Andreas

Diamond Heist - GTA V

Bank of Liberty Heist - GTA IV

Definition of Insanity Monologue from Vaas - Far Cry 3

Beating my first raid (Vault of Glass) - Destiny

Battling with Ulysses - Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road

Battle in the back alley with the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - The Wolf Among Us Season 1

The Ending - The Walking Dead Season 1

Finger Gun Fight - Tales from the Borderlands Season 1


Fighting the Leviathan - Final Fantasy XV

I'm sure I have more.

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Posted A week ago Edited by fashion, A week ago.

Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: First entering Touissant as well as pretty much the whole journey. This expansion is a masterpiece, f*ck everybody who says it's not.
(Don't take the last part too serious.)

Nier Automata. I could name many scenes but the most important ones worth mentioning are: First mission, Route C's multiple mindf*cks, secret end and also a Route C scene I don't want to spoil.

Tony Hawks Underground: First time finishing New Jersey and making it into manhattan.

GTAIV final mission as well as first time entering LC.

Yup, I have to credit GTA V too. Los Santos was so huge and so detailed. A true next gen GTA.

Red Dead Redemption famous Mexico entrance and last mission.

Skyrim. Oh boy, Skyrim. First time finishing Helgen and making it into the wild was so f*cking awesome.

That's all I can think if right now.

One more: Yakuza 0's boss fight intros. Incredibly well done presentations before a boss fight actually starts. I loved the last one so much. So badass.
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Posted A week ago

The first 3 seconds never get old. xD
Uncle Cao Ren just knocking out those dudes like he's playing football.

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Posted A week ago

Completing level 20 (The Final Barrier) of Manic Miner.  Nothing's come even close to that buzz.


    Nadia. I've, uh I've got reserves.

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Posted A week ago


Hit by Lightning
  • Hit by Lightning


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Posted A week ago

Spec Ops: The Line the ending!

One of the best twists ever.

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