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Posted An hour ago

Skyking is objectively the best livery.

You know your sh*t, is this worth it?
If money isn't a concern, and you have a friend to copilot, yes. If you play solo and aren't experienced in compensating for slow, heavy aircraft (Savage being another example) i would pass. If it catches your fancy though, it is totally capable of shredding just about anything with a few good swipes of the nose guns, also can land it and use the turret when parked if you're confident. I use it for the SS Airfield/McKenzie field air freight steal missions every time. It's also slow enough to make very accurate bombing runs with too.
Bought it last night, 100% love it. Nose MGs, ball turret, bombs, assisted takeoff all make it viable IMO. It truly is a great bomber, easier than the Bombushka as you can get lower and do more passes.

I did mine up in the WWII bomber livery with the orange on the engines as it reminded me of a B-17 paint job. Really liking these WWII aircraft.

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