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The Smugglers Run Appreciation Thread

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Vehicles in the bunker? needless, but nice. But - not a single car to store in or at the hangar, even despawning my own car when i leave in a personal plane? They must be kidding. No green Juice or even a beverage dispenser to fill up health? Bottles in the hangar office but cannot have a drink? This game is loosing it´s allure, just going more and more to make one drudge...

Planes are classified as personal vehicle, which is why your cars despawn if you take one.

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by IamCourtney, 2 weeks ago.

I really love the source mission which has you performing stunts around the city. The provided plane (Howard) is great fun but even better is being able to switch it up and put an old purely-for-pleasure plane like my Besra, Mallard and Duster through its paces.


Good to see some of that old school GTA mission design that has you doing some outlandish series of stunts instead of just combat and retrieval, I hope we get more of it soon.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

The PV aircrafts, the selection of said aircrafts, storing pegasus aircrafts, and the customization is probably the best parts of this update. Its such a shame how SR business or whatever its called is a downgraded version of FaFF. Thats the only major complaint I have. Other than that, I like the idea and direction of customization they are going with.

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