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GTAForums Weekly Issue 24

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Posted 27 August 2017 - 08:00 PM


Week of August 20th - August 26th




Welcome to the twenty-fourth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!

Programming Notice: GTAForums Weekly will now be released on Sundays

The team would like to apologize for the delay as we were working on things behind the scenes, but as you have read above in the programming notice, issues will be released on Sundays instead of Saturdays. It's a slight change, so it's almost as if nothing is changing! The slight push back will give us more time to ensure quality and quantity of the content and be able to provide the community with a solid issue every week. We hope you understand. Let's dig into our regular news.
First off, we'd like to wish our cat-loving forum admin Kirsty a belated birthday!
Spider-Vice posted a topic within the News sub-forum including a lot of information regarding the upcoming GTA Online DLC - Smuggler's Run. Reusing the name of an old Rockstar classic, the new update will feature new aircraft, such as helicopters and planes, as well as traditional vehicles like cars and the like. I don't want to go into too much detail since Spider gets into that a bit more in Rockstar Central.. so be sure to read more about it below.
We've also got the 18th issue of Customs, Cruisers, and Classics hosted by V4S, which includes an interview with GTA O Snaptographer the_potato, info regarding the latest vehicle release (the Ocelot Ardent), and much more.
Speaking of snaps, although no new showcase or official results topic was posted, Season Two of the GTAF Snap Battle has come to a close. The results are as follows; Zoobz takes home first place with a whopping 40 points, WithoutorAgainst in second place with 25 points, and LevelDockSix with 18 points. Congratulations to Zoobz on winning this season, and enjoy your prize!
GTAForums currently has a total of 15,007,705 total posts (+16,552 from last week) and 713,949 total members (+616 from last week) at the time this is being posted. You can thank the new DLC hype for the huge amount of posts this week.. which also helped boost total posts to over 15 million! Congrats, GTAF!



Welcome to the twenty-fourth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

GTA Online
Smuggler’s Run, the next GTA Online DLC has been announced! Releasing on August 29, the brand new DLC will allow you to own a hangar, your own aircraft, and, well, smuggle product throughout San Andreas! In a business managed by Nervous Ron and Charlie, your new mechanic, you will be able to do pretty much the same thing you did for Gunrunning... but via air. The name comes from a classic Rockstar title, except that one wasn’t quite about airplanes..
According to Rockstar, Smuggler’s Run provides a massive range of new and customizable aircraft perfect for any mission. We’ll have planes, choppers, ultralights, and something special I’ll leave for this week’s Community Highlight. Keep reading.
This Fall, Rockstar is introducing a brand new racing mode, called Transform Races! These races allow you to switch between all the car classes and vehicle types in one single race. There will be races where you’ll have to sail, drive and fly, all within the same race, very akin to some racing modes in Multi Theft Auto and even SAMP.
For the rest of the season, Rockstar is also teasing brand new four wheeled vehicles to come, along with new adversary modes, and some special Halloween and December Holidays celebrations!
This week, to prepare for Smuggler’s Run, Rockstar has also offered some brand new bonuses until Monday, 28th. There is going to be a 25% discount on the following things:
- The Smoke Tree Road Bunker
- Vehicle Cargo Warehouses
- The Rocket Voltic
- The Cognoscenti 55
- The Schafter LWB
- All Executive offices
Along with this, a few more bonuses are active to maximize your preparation for the new DLC on Tuesday; Double GTA$ and RP in the Bunker Series playlists, 25% boost on Bunker Research and Manufacturing, Double GTA$ and RP on Vehicle Cargo Sell missions, and the same thing for the Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode.
Community Highlight – Project Helisexuality
Both famous and infamous in the GTA Online section of GTAForums is the Project Helisexuality thread. Not only a thread where attack helicopter enthusiasts reunited (and reunite) for more than a year now, but also where the movement’s creator, Happy Hunter has made a very large request to Rockstar about reintroducing the Hunter, or other similar attack helicopters in the world of GTA V. In a very detailed thread, Happy Hunter describes everything there is to be described about the Hunter, and how it was present in the beta version of the game but ultimately removed like a lot of other content. It is chock-full of details about attack helicopters, how they should work in GTA, and how you can help this community of enthusiasts about attack helicopters by signing a petition, and making some noise to gather Rockstar's attention. Like Happy Hunter has made for a very, very long time..
With the announcement of Smuggler’s Run, this group had the outcome they most wanted. One that was expected since 2013 for many, and since 2016 for others who joined the movement only after the thread was made and picked up steam. The Hunter was finally introduced into Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s a matter of time until the DLC releases and the group can breathe more easily by seeing the Hunter in GTA Online, with or without all the customisation they wanted, but it’s still a victory.
To check out their years/year long movement, click the title of this Community Highlight.






























Arthur Fookin Shelby






















Fitting for the tease shown in the new GTAO DLC trailer, we've decided to shine the spotlight on Happy Hunter this week.

Android: What brought you to GTAForums?
Happy Hunter: At first, nothing particularly interesting. Its been a while now, but from memory, I used to read a few threads in the Online section - mostly looking at arguments from the sidelines. Then the homing launcher came along, helicopters started getting more of a raw deal - I guess I had something I felt strongly enough to come on here and argue about.
But things grew from that. First I was here just to push one thing - but you get to know people, and you get used to talking with them, playing forum games, taking part in all the threads that aren't - well, b*tching about helicopters.
What do you enjoy most about the forum? Is there anything you'd like to change about it?
What I enjoy most - well that would have to be the people I guess. There's some really good, honest people here. Then you have big characters - and even if I don't necessarily get along with them, it livens the place up. Lots of them are presumably played up a little, but it works - it's like a weird kind of theatre.
At the same time, what I'd change would also come down to people as well. Not just other people, mind you - myself just as much. People hold grudges on here (I'm guilty of it), and they so easily get separated into camps.
In some parts of the forum it's politics, then you also have Gen Chat vs Online, and then go into Online and you have a whole plethora of divisions there - complainers vs anti-complainers, helicopters vs heli-haters, even stuff as mundane as free aim vs auto aim, PC vs consoles.
I guess what I'd change would be - I'd love it if people found it easier to drop all that and get along at times. Sure, argue when there's an argument. But people let it colour everything they do on here, and how they interact with people constantly. I'm guilty as much as anyone though, at times anyway. So ... It's difficult.
Which forum member do you feel closest to?
Oh that's a difficult question. there's a lot of people who've been good to me, and who I like - I could fill out a page about them. But then if I don't, I wouldn't want to hurt the feelings of anyone I miss out.
So I'll start with some of the people affiliated with my movement. You've got godtrams/Mrs. Buzz. She's a very kind-hearted person, I've never seen her try to start anything with anyone. She saw something in me and my movement, and stuck with it too. I'm very glad to have come across her.
I also have people who've been around a long time now, like Irish Hunter and Classique - those guys are great too. More recently there's Professional Amateur - but he's been around some time now too, and he's been very dedicated and loyal. Fluffy alkaline_ too, that penguin is great fun. My helicopter buddies like SHOKKERZ91 and Buddy5466, among many others - they're just very good-spirited people, you know?
People like Khephera too. She's a great friend, with a very independent mind, and loyal.
Elektra's good fun too, and she makes me laugh. And Quinn_flower actually gave me inspiration to make my own thread. She's great too.
I also consider Amy Vinewood a really good friend. She's helped me out with various guides I've made, given us all something to bond over and entertainment in the Elimination Games, she's very intelligent and gives good advice - she's a good friend to talk to.
Oh, Kushology and xxi too - I love them. Great people.
There's so many, I just remembered Miss-RI95, and I like livejoker too, there's just too many to list. They all know who they are; they don't need to be put on a list to know I like them.
How do you feel about the recent Hunter tease shown in the GTA Online: Smuggler's Run trailer?
Ecstatic. The entire update looks perfect for me; there are various elements from my thread that I've asked for - it really looks like they've gone all out to show they didn't forget us. I am teetering on the edge of getting one of the much-loathed cash cards - purely to show them I like what they've made. I'm known as someone who complains a lot about the game and is pretty negative - but I'd like to give credit where credit's due.
What do you have to say to those that have supported Project: Helisexuality?
That they have my gratitude of course, even those who moved on or got sick of me and the movement, or only supported it mildly. I also have a lot of respect for those who don't like the meme'ry of it, but saw through that/put it to the side, and saw what it's actually about.
The people who stuck with it long term though, and have been here practically day in and day out - I really admire their dedication and loyalty, and I'm just glad I could get them on-board. They're great people, and I wouldn't trade them for anyone else.
Since you love helicopters so much, have you ever dreamt about piloting one some day in real life?
In a military sense, like an Apache/attack helicopter? I wouldn't kill someone, not unless it was absolutely necessary. And I don't think a lot of the situations they're being used in right now are.
I'm sure there must be a lot of non-military occupations you could get as a helicopter pilot though. I haven't really looked into it. I'd need a stronger stomach first - all that twirling around would probably get me dizzy and sick.
What's your favorite type of helicopter in real life? What do you like the most about it?
Well, you can probably guess that's the Apache :p I like it from the old days when I was younger going on rampages in GTA: San Andreas with it, listening to the radio in that game.
Did you enjoy winning that round of Ban Roulette a while back?
Uh, not particularly. But I've built up this account now, so it doesn't really bother me.
Are you interested in joining any official forum groups?
Good question. There's definitely a lot of appeal. I have some friends on here in crews, and the dynamic of them looks nice. You know? Playing together, in big groups, then coming back to their official threads to chat about everything that's gone on - that has a lot of appeal to me.
At the same time - for starters I'm on Xbox One, so that cuts down who I can play with dramatically. Aside from that, a lot of people can't look past the laughing helicopter avatar, so I'm not sure I'd be well-received in these crews. Just the other night I saw myself being described in a very brusque manner in one of the threads - it doesn't look like I'd fit in well, I guess.
I often play alone anyway, so maybe I'm just not the right fit.
What's your favorite Rockstar Games series or title?
That's difficult, but I would say GTA: San Andreas, closely followed by the other PS2 GTA games, like Vice City. GTA: IV gets a lot of love - and I definitely see why - but there were some aspects they removed from past GTA games that were, eh, a little disappointing. Still a great game though, and in many ways ahead of the current GTA.
I also loved the old, original Red Dead - Red Dead Revolver. Redemption was good too, but this held a special place for me. I played it a lot when I was younger. Great characters, the whole thing is wacky, fun, I love that game.
I've played pretty much all of Rockstar's games though. They've got a great track record/reputation.
Picture this; you've suddenly become an admin here on the forum. What do you do first?
Well I guess the first thing I'd do would be giving all my friends various medals. The rest of what I'd do, well that doesn't bear thinking about. I'm not sure I'd be a great pick.
I would offer a little variation, I guess. I mean, I'd be quite a unique admin. That's about all I could say to recommend myself though.
Tell us more about the person behind your alias. Any favorite interests, hobbies, music, and so on?
Ah, there's not a lot to tell really. I'm still finding my way, still figuring out what it is I need to do. I don't have a lot of qualifications or opportunities, so you can see why I've buried myself into my helicopter-business here.
I get fixated on stuff, and I don't give up easily. Maybe next time it'll be something a little more important and with more real-world implications, but I still have to find some kind of passion for that.
Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
Thank you so much for interviewing me - I wouldn't be my first pick, lol. I hope I haven't bored anyone too much.
I'm not everyone's favourite person, but I hope even those who dislike me can see I haven't sought out to get people down. I've got into stupid grudges and arguments, but on the whole I wish the best for everyone here; everyone who wants to get along anyway.



Big Data - The Glow (feat. Kimbra)



Big Data is the musical project of New York based producer, Alan Wilkis. Their debut album, 2.0 was released in March 2015 and featuring artists like Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, Joywave, Jamie Lidell, among others. “The Glow” is a blend of a dark yet energetic sound which “blows up” towards the end. The track features vocals from New Zealand singer Kimbra.


Album: 2.0

Genre: Electropop

Release Date: March 20, 2015

Label: Wilcassettes/Warner Bros.

Writer(s): Alan Wilkis, Kimbra Johnson




Android - Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week

Ash_735 - Get Modified

Kaniel Outis - GTAForums News

slohbur - Graphics Assistant

Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central

Testarossa - Track of the Week

unbid - Interviewer

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Posted 27 August 2017 - 08:34 PM

Great issue, as always! Thanks for changing it to Sunday, that's one more thing I can look after all week.

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 08:14 AM Edited by livejoker, 28 August 2017 - 08:19 AM.

Hey GtaForums Weekly Issue Magazine,

Quick question and please don't take offense (I'm honestly just curious). Now that V4S has CCC, the vehicle section of the Weekly Issue - has it been under debate to stick around? I personally dig it as those short on time that want to pick up the Weekly Issue can still see cars (like a total package kind of deal). Just curious how the News section, which grows bigger as time goes on, affects the Weekly Issue which is, in my opinion, the main "News" outlet for GtaForums. How do you guys spot demands for "x" type of stuff?


a long time reader and a big fan.
My week is done, got a shout-out from Hunter. <3

Amazing issue. Always topical, always on the buzzer. If the news had a g-spot, it would be in orgasmic bliss 24/7 cause of your hard work, guys! Hard work. Hehe. Adult joke.

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 05:43 PM

Great issue Android, was a lovely read on my way home!
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Posted 30 August 2017 - 03:41 AM

Hey GtaForums Weekly Issue Magazine,

Quick question and please don't take offense (I'm honestly just curious). Now that V4S has CCC, the vehicle section of the Weekly Issue - has it been under debate to stick around? I personally dig it as those short on time that want to pick up the Weekly Issue can still see cars (like a total package kind of deal). Just curious how the News section, which grows bigger as time goes on, affects the Weekly Issue which is, in my opinion, the main "News" outlet for GtaForums. How do you guys spot demands for "x" type of stuff?


a long time reader and a big fan.


I try my best to always include non-vehicle entries for Snaps of the Week, but it's quite difficult sometimes as it's a huge subject to photograph in game. Vehicles will always play a major part in Snapmatic shots. For the time being, the segment will still continue as it & CCC do not overlap all the time in terms of what snaps are showcased. As for your second point, it all depends on who really wants to put in the effort to make a competing series of content. Right now, it wouldn't make sense to have someone create a new series for discussing all things R* considering Spider-Vice does a great job with R* Central. It would just over-complicate and make the News sub-forum redundant. That is just my opinion, though, of course. The team is always looking for ways to improve the newsletter & potentially create new content and / or segments.


Thanks for your support, everyone - it is very much appreciated.

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