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Which Should I Buy?

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Cabbage Farmer
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Posted 6 days ago

A bull shark card (only got 3 million cash)


GTA San Andreas (already got it on steam but might rebuy on ps4)


or GTA Vice City


Gonna get one of those two while it's on sale, let me hear your opinions.

Algonquin Assassin
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Posted 6 days ago

Hmmmm. Two games that are considered greats by many fans or a money grabbing scheme card (That's what they should be really called) for virtual currency? Decisions, decisions.


Vice City definitely. It's great on PS4 and even San Andreas is worth the pick up.

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  • Jxcob


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Posted 6 days ago

Like AA said, go with Vice City if you haven't finished it. One of the best GTA's I've played

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  • ChiroVette


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Posted 6 days ago

I would recommend spending money on maggot-infested rotting meat, clinging to a 12 week old orangutan corpse before spending money on garbage Shark Cards.


So, yeah, buy either of the actual games you mentioned and tell Rockstar to shove their freemium thuggery-cards up their asses.

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Piggsy pls
  • Piggsy pls


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Posted 5 days ago

Get VC since you already have SA.

A shark card shouldn't even be an option lmao.
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Cabbage Farmer
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Posted 5 days ago Edited by Cabbage Farmer, 5 days ago.

I was running low on cash when I posted this, but this new adversary mode's made me over 2mil now lol.


I ended up buying Vice City, I don't regret my decision, the nostalgia feels great.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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B Dawg
  • B Dawg


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Posted 5 days ago Edited by B Dawg, 5 days ago.

Glad you didn't waste your money on a shard card. Niko is proud of you. May your Cabbage Farm prosper :)

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  • ~Tiger~

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Posted 5 days ago

Vice City.


Moving to GTA Series Section as this isn't really a GTA V topic ;)

  • jrl51592


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Posted 5 days ago

Well, what exactly are you looking for? Like, are you just looking to waste your money or do you want to get your money's worth with your purchase?

  • eCola


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Posted 5 days ago

Vice City is actually a decent option. Stay the hell away from any kind of Shark Cards.

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Posted 5 days ago

Go with Vice City. GTA Online is just a waste of time. Really. Oh, and you already have San Andreas.

  • 4s4sin96

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Posted 5 days ago

The way i see it:
- great single player experience or micro-transactions?

Go for VC kiddo ✌

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