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Game stutters alot after a job or after15min of gameplay

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Posted A week ago Edited by Douglas Quaid, 6 days ago.

I used to get solid 60fps but for a while now I've been getting alot of stutter after a job or after 15min of game play. 



I've just reinstalled windows and its still the same please any help would be appreciated !!!


Stuff done.

downloaded a new copy from steam

reverted to stock cpu settings 

updated to latest nvidia driver

check temps of cpu n gpu. both are cool

made this post 

tried settings from a youtube video stating gtx970 users will get 60fps. It didn't work







My specs: 

i5 2500 non k all cores at 3.8 ghz i think, or is it mHz? im just sure the blk is 38 and the multiplier is 100

gigabyte gtx970 <--- crappy card 

8 gb ram

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