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Posted 10 August 2017 - 10:57 AM Edited by NDev, A week ago.

Hi everybody!
This is my FIRST script, so I'm sorry if you meet some issues during the game! :)

EMS Mod allows you to play as a Paramedic, a Medic or a Helicopter Rescuer. Respond to callouts by pressing Y in order to respond to citizens in a need!


Current Version: 0.8.4 BETA


-Cardiac Arrest: reach asap the patient and treat him if you want to save his life!
-Unconscious person: a person has suddenly lost his consciousness. Medical treatment is needed as soon as possible!
-Vehicle accident: unfortunately somebody had a serious vehicle accident and he's waiting for your arrival!
-Trauma: treat an injured person and carry him/her to the hospital!
-Person shot: somebody was shot, rush to the scene, but wait for the police before
approaching the patient! Or, if you're bold enough, go and risk!
-Person with fever: Central reported a vomiting person with fever. Is it a severe infectious disease? Be careful!
-Transport: you only have to transport a person because him/her cannot go lonely to the hospital.
-Person hit by a car: somebody was hit by a car and now needs your assistance!

-Overdose/alcohol-induced coma: rush to the scene and check the vitals of someone who is in coma!

-Drunk person: check this person’s health and then transport him to the hospital.


Don't worry, I'm planning to add in the next future more callouts and features!


-ScriptHook (compiled with v1.0.877.1)
-ScriptHook V .NET

-latest NativeUI <--IMPORTANT!!!


-EMS Mod.dll

-EMS Mod.ini





It is very important for me to have all of my script issues reported with all the related details in order to let me fix them and make my mod better and better! Any info about the bug reporting can be found in the README.TXT file!



Do you love playing GTA V? Do you like my mod? Would you like to play an important role in its development? You can enter my Cooperation Program (CP-Ems Mod)! All you have to do is PM-ing me (sending an email address of yours too) so that I'll explain you how could you help me with this script!! PS: I'm sorry but there's no money reward for the participation in this CP. :)


Thanks for downloading!!!



v. 0.8.4: -"Overdose/alcohol-induced coma" and "drunk person" callouts added.

              -Partner: you can now have a partner and give him orders!

              -Patient Menu: open this menu to obtain patient's history, to choose which treatment to do and so on!

              -Now you can cancel a callout in any moment.

              -Increased reality in several callouts.

v. 0.8.3: -A totally new menu thanks to NativeUI! NATIVEUI SUPPORT NEEDED.

              -Enhanced realism during “Vehicle accident” callout.

              -Other treatments added.

              -Enhanced realism during CPR (with re-evaluation of vitals).

              -Several bug fixes and improvements.

v. 0.8.2 : - Added Medic and Helicopter Rescuer.

               -Several bug fixes and improvements.

v. 0.8 : first release.




CREDITS: Crickethill, Dustin, Harry

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