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Interesting Things About Taking over empires [Good and Bad]

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Greeting Boys and Girls!


Have anyone notice that taking out bussiness empires as soon as you completed mission victor, the spoils is much easier then you take it all 30 spots after you unlocked the second island or completing storyline missions?


Because of that, i could take over all of the sharks and bikers places without a sweat! rarely  like 5 or 6% i got an attack from rival gang but mostly it all quite... sure they can follow you and driveby you because you pissed them off but you can get them with your wpns..  so you may found this exploit really helpful for clearing out all 30 Empires for both islands However Not A Good thing for the people who want 100% completion.


We've come to the bad point, When you take over an empire with Smuggling,Drugs or Robbery after the mission i've mentioned, it's doesn't unlock that type.. a GTA player gonna say: " What the heck is happend? it should let me have that type of bussiness" because of that those types of bussiness is locked until you pass to the second island after the mission "from zero to hero" and i said before that when you conquer all the places in East island while doing storyline mission is hard because that's the old hard fashion we normally does and the frequently attacks and those three types are required for Mr.Completion (100% progress in another way)


Sorry if the topic is long but sharing it with community is intersting and nice to talk about it!

Drop your Thoughts... if there are active member in this section of the game. :zZz:

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Already has been confirmed by RationalPsycho. Click Here. 

By the way, in my VCS Save I actually got 100% Empires Defended Stat...

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Posted A week ago Edited by RationalPsycho, A week ago.

To recap, you must leave at least one building of each illegal type of business (Drugs, Smuggling, Robbery) until AFTER "From Zero to Hero", with a total of 26 out of 30 Empire Sites taken over, if you don't want to be locked out of 100%.


What I don't know is what's up with "Skywolf". Does it guarantee 100% completion if you don't take a High Roller Drugs business over before "Hostile Takeover"? I reached 100% on PSP without completing "Skywolf", so I assume you won't be locked out of 100% in this case, but I can't be certain. This is some information I need to update the respective topic with.

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Posted A week ago

On PS2, game credits player with 100% when he reaches 239 out of 240 mission points, making one of objectives formally unnecessary. It can be any objective: Skywolf, taking over Drugs business (due to a glitch, for example) or anything else. I believe same thing applies to PSP, except there are less mission points in total.

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Posted A week ago

Yeah, this is correct ^^^^


I remember back in 2014 when I first got VCS and did it to 100% for my first time, thus not doing any Starter Save, I actually left out Hyman Memorial O.D.T. yet still reached 100%.  It can literally be ANY Mission.  Even big ones that you SHOULD do, like Vigilante Level 15 for the extra Armor, etc...


The Stories Games as well as CW are very glitchy with percentage.

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