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Most brutal movie for you?

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Posted A week ago

I agree with Ceszayers, Requiem for a Dream was just downright depressing and for me that is more brutal than any fake gore scene from a fictional movie.

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Richard Power Colt
  • Richard Power Colt

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Posted A week ago

I know it's not a movie, but the 3rd season of Twin Peaks has been haunting my dreams ever since it ended. It barely has any gore, but just a f*ckton of surreal imagery and sound that just makes you feel uncomfortable and the fact that no one really knows what was going on throughout much of that show makes it all the more scary. It probably didn't help either that I watched the finale in the middle of the night.

I guess I could nominate the Twin Peaks film Fire Walk With Me, which did have its fair share of disturbing moments and was overall maybe the most depressing piece of TP media, but it didn't leave as big of an impact on me as watching the new show did. I guess that comes naturally with TV shows tho since you get really invested from watching the same thing week after week.
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Posted A week ago Edited by acmilano, A week ago.


A Serbian Film

Alright!!where's the gorey part??


Most of the movie,but especially scene in the middle of the movie. Scenes after that by the end of the movie are also bad,but sligtly less. Only movie that I have to stop watching,even if I finish it later. Really sick movie.

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Posted A week ago

When it comes to movies, I find more realistic brutality more hard hitting. In a film like Freddy vs Jason (which someone used as an example above) I expect over the top, brutal murders, the scene where Freddy stabs Jason through the eyes with his blades was great, but it wasn't brutal in the sense that it makes you cringe, its more likely to make you laugh and think "f*cking hell"


One of the most hard hitting moments of brutality I saw in a film was in Casino, the vice scene was brutal but the scene with the baseball bats was just  :panic:


For anyone who hasn't scene:



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Posted A week ago

Irreversible is pretty f*cked


literal just 7 minute long rape scene, static camera. dude gets his head caved in with a fire extinguisher.

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Arrows to Athens
  • Arrows to Athens

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Kidnapped 2010. Spanish movie. Amazing cinematography and camera work, with cool split image scenes and realistic one take fights.


Fun fact: The 80 minute movie only consists of 12 takes!

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Posted A week ago

The Guinea Pig series

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Posted A week ago



It took me a long time to find it after seeing a 3 second clip on Youtube that was used as a transition for a 'creepy list' video. Very grim.

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