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Your Dream Gang war

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Richie Makyura
  • Richie Makyura

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Posted A week ago

I did not find anything related to this topic here and I decided to make one.
What are your dream gang war? My Dream Gang War are Da Nang Boys vs Colombian Cartel, Spanish Lords vs San Fierro Rifa and Zaibatsu Corporation vs Cholos
Any GTA Universe are allowed :p
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  • DOUGL4S1


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Posted A week ago

3D Universe GSF vs. HD Universe Ballas, let's see who keeps Grove St.

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Femme Fatale
  • Femme Fatale

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Posted A week ago

Cholos vs Los Santos Vagos(3D era). See who's the stronger eses.
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  • DimitriFaustin

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Posted A week ago

I'd love to see the Zaibatsu Corporation versus really any other gang in the GTA series.

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  • SabreGT

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Posted A week ago

White Stallionz vs Lost MC

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  • confederatestatesgta

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Posted A week ago

the families hd era vs the lost mc. both of those are gangs were the protagonists are apart of them.


the ballas hd vs the angels of death. both gangs are rival gangs to those protagonists.


marabuta grande vs spanish lords.

Jezus Holy Christ
  • Jezus Holy Christ

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Posted A week ago

GROVE ST. vs Everybody

Queen Elizabeth II
  • Queen Elizabeth II


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Posted A week ago

Grandmothers vs Grandfathers



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  • EtherTakeover

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Posted A week ago

Mitch Baker's biker gang vs The Lost MC

  • StormBreaker

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Posted A week ago

Grove street vs Vagos vs Ballas vs Lost mc vs Deadbeats vs Merryweather all-out war

B Dawg
  • B Dawg


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Posted A week ago

Any Gang destroying Trevor Phillips Industries

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  • universetwisters


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Posted A week ago

The golfers from Vice City against Merryweather 

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Crimie Marston
  • Crimie Marston

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Posted A week ago

Leone Mafia vs Vercetti Cartel

  • R3D-RAB1T


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Posted A week ago

The Sharks from VCS vs Madrazos gang in gta V

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Posted A week ago Edited by (Ambient), A week ago.

Every rendition of Russian Mafia from all the Gta games where Russian Mafia was featured fighting against each other.
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