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Rigging Peds Tutorial for [GTA V]

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Posted 04 August 2017 - 07:09 PM Edited by Thedrivercat, 09 August 2017 - 07:12 AM.

This Tutorial is based on (Coin-god's Tutorial) for GTA IV but with some editions from (Thedrivercat) me :D to make it work with GTA V as well. I can't assure this tutorial hasn't any bugs or even work 100% but I will help to avoid them and to fix them if exsisted :)
Notification : I will publish a video soon on my "YouTube" channel to show the tutorial better.
Warning : Always make backup
Bodyparts Peds Tutorial :
This tutorial is for peds​ that have many bodyparts
Requirements :
-3D Studio Max, i will use (2016) in this tutorial
-The model you want to rig in 3DS MAX format ex : (obj,3ds,fbx​)
-OpenIV (Here)
-GIMS Evo with GTA V Support (Here)

What we are going to do:
We are going to rig a Ped Model from GTA V and replace it with our model
I will take "ig_bankman" as example​
-First,start (Open IV​) then navigate to (Yourgamefolder\x64e\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf)
but first make sure to Activate "Edit Mode"
Files We Need:
First : extract "ig_bankman.yft" and "ig_bankman.ymt" by drag and drop in newfolder
(We will need them later)
Second : We need also to export (ig_bankman.ydd) but we have to use OpenFormats to be able to import to max later using GIMS Evo

1.Extraction Method For Max
Click RMB on the file (ig_bankman.ydd) choose "Export to openFormats (.odd) Ctrl+S" then save it inside a newfolder different than the first one (This File has every bodypart Mesh for the model)

What are these files we extracted:
ODD : this file is needed for conversion from max to gta v again and also to add all bodyparts at once.
ODR : this is the OpenFormats file.The one GIMS will read to import all the nessesary data in MAX.
SKEL : file contains the Skeleton data.
MESH : file contains the Geometry data.
2.Importing Into Max
Now it's time to import the files we extracted into max​.but don't close OpenIV yet.
Start 3DS MAX then open (GIMS Evo GTA V) click on the small button on the right
it will ask for 2 files (materials.dat),(materialfx.dat) to get them switch to OpenIV then
First : go to and extract (Yourgamefolder\common.rpf\data\materials\materials.dat) in a newfolder
Second : go to and extract (Yourgamefolder\common.rpf\data\effects\materialfx.dat) in the same folder
get back to max​ again and when it asks for the files browse to the folder you put them in.
Now the Gims Evo menu should appear so, click "import"​ then navigate to the extracted files using openformats,open "ig_bankman.odd" press ok.when it asks for textures directory press "ok" again and wait a few seconds to import the files.this will import the whole model "bodyparts" to max but without any textures,"that doesn't matter we don't need them".GIMS will show a report don't worry it's okay,close GIMS Evo.now you should see the model with bones in max
Warning : You can never import or export any models without ( materials.dat and materialfx.dat )
Next :
Click on each bodypart and hide them until nothing exsists except the bones.We only need the bodyparts mesh now to fit them with the new model.to do this choose the bodypart press RMB on it then choose "Hide Selection" until you only see the bones in max.now select all and delete them.
now we got only the mesh,Press RMB again anywhere in max then choose "Unhide All"
select all by "CTRL+A"​ then choose "Freeze Selection"
Importing Your Model :​
Import your model file into max and (my model is in .obj format)
most of the models are in the same Position,Rotation,Scale but not all of them,so if your model isn't the same pose ,adjust it by Moving,Rotating,Scaling until they're the same.

Problems :
There will be a problem​ if the model's hands or legs for example not in the same position "THE MESH"
Turning Model To Parts :
now we have to cut our model in parts the same like the GTA V one.to do this press RMB on the model,select "Convert To" choose "Editable Mesh" or "Editable Poly" then on the right side of max select Elements then select each bodypart and detach it.if the model is all one part choose Polygon. do this for all the parts that can fit the other one as well.While doing this you can make it easier by using F3,F4,ALT+X to help you.You can also isolate the model to work better by using ALT+Q on the model and again to return.after you're finished delete the old one bodyparts until nothing lasts except your new model bodyparts.now we have to rig the model.
3.Rigging The New Model
After the model is ready now we have to rig it bodypart by bodypart,so to do this hide all bodyparts except head at first then open (GIMS Evo GTA V) and import "ig_bankman.odd" again.then choose the imported bodypart you want to rig, ex : Head then go to "Editable Mesh"​ choose "Vertex", a dialog box will appear.click "YES" ,press Ctrl+A .on the right side scroll down to "Attach" press it then press on your model's Head.press "OK" then leave Attach and you'll find only "old mesh" selected .now delete it,leave "Vertex" now we have new model with "old model's" Bones.
Do the same for every Bodypart you could create for your new model
Example : I only need (Head,Lower,Upper,Feet,Hands,Teef) 6 Bodyparts but I have 8 Bodyparts
so I need to remove 2 bodypart (Hair,Accs)
How To Re​move the extra Bodyparts:
we can easily remove them. in 3DS MAX open "Select by name" then select the parts you want to remove and delete all of their contents.
If The Model Is Already Bugged :
Click on the bugged bodypart choose "Skin Modifier" ==> "Edit Envelopes" Check "Vertices"
select​ the "bugged" bone from the bone list.select the bugged vertices (The Ones Aren't Redthen scroll down to "Abs Effect" on "Weight Properties" change it to "1".then turn off "Edit Envelopes" and all is done.you should have the Bugged "bodypart" Fixed.
Putting Textures To New Model :
click on any "bodypart" then go to "GIMS Evo" again and open it,open "Material Editor" you will find the old model's textures there, "how many textures doesn't matter".so press on "options" Don't Change Anything Else but only do the following ​ ​
-BumbTex :
Navigate to your "Normal Map"
if you don't have "Norma​l Maps" leave it blank
-Dif​fuse Texture :
Navigate to your​ "Diffuse Map"
-​SpecularTex :
Navigate ​to your "Specular Map"
if you don't have "Specular Maps" leave it blank
Hint : if your model has more than one texture then do this for all of them
Making Backup :
Save our work in (.Max) File.because if any model's bodypart didn't work correctly or has bugs in the game you can get back and fix it. "if the model's bodypart worked perfectly in game you won't have to get back to it"
5.Exporting The New Model
Close "Material Editor" then select all by Ctrl+A. Click on Export ,choose the location for the export in a newfolder then press "OK"  Press "Continue" a message will appear, Press "Continue again.
now we have everything we need.,the files we extracted is still useless so we need to convert them to make them useful using OpenIV
Convering Into Game Files :
create newfolder in GTA V game folder and open it .Start OpenIV if it is not opened yet. Activate "Edit Mode" press "OK"
now we have to convert the files we just extracted into one File ==> (.Ydd)​​.
First : press on New=>Import OpenFormats Shift+Ins and select the (.ODD) file inside the folder we just extracted then press "OK".this will convert it to a playable file for GTA V (.YDD)
Second :​​ press on New=>Texture Dictionary (.YTD) "Enter the same name as" (.YDD) file then open it .Press "Import"​ and navigate to your model's textures then import them one by one.Import the "Diffuse Maps" then import "Normal Maps" and "Specular Maps" but don't forget to change the names of your new model's textures to the old names of the old model "ig_bankman.ytd" that includes
"Diffuse" maps "Normal" maps "Specular" maps
Final Step :
We're now done with the​ Ped only one last step to put it in game. Remember the files (ig_bankman.yft),(ig_bankman.ymt)?
now we need them. so now put these files with the other two we just made (ig_bankman.ydd),(ig_bankman.ytd) to have them in one folder then change the names like this
ig_bankman.ydd    To example    mymodel.ydd
ig_bankman.ytd     To example    mymodel.ytd
ig_bankman.yft      To example    mymodel.yft
ig_bankman.ymt    To example    mymodel.ymt
you don't have to name them "mymodel" this is just example name it whatever you want but just unify the name
Finally you can add it as Addonped by using this mod (HERE)
Credits :
OpenIV by ==> GOOD-NTS​​
GIMS Evo with GTA V Support by ==> 3DBoomer
Original Tu​torial ==> Coin-god
GTA V Tutorial by ==> Thedrivercat

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Posted 2 weeks ago

thanks for the tutorial but one thing, I think I did everything right but when I see the model in the game it's....... vibrating.

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by ViktorMor, 3 days ago.

thanks for the tutorial but one thing, I think I did everything right but when I see the model in the game it's....... vibrating.

Wind:SclHV/FrqHV  (GIMS V Material editor)

Set Z and W to 0.

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Posted An hour ago Edited by BeardedPete, An hour ago.


thanks for the tutorial but one thing, I think I did everything right but when I see the model in the game it's....... vibrating.

Wind:SclHV/FrqHV  (GIMS V Material editor)

Set Z and W to 0.


I had the same problem and did that, but now I have this problem:




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