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Taking pictures of animals doesnt work anymore.

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  • RameSkac

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I'm doing the franklin's quest for taking pictures of animal, it all went smoothly for a while but currently I got two left targets the pug and the west highland terrier, the pug isnt working i find them in the expensive clothing store area of los santos there's usually 1 to 3 pugs there at daylight I center my camera at them while they're sitting down or walking zoom in real nice and the picture isnt submitted to the adress as it normally should've.

I'm running out of options it's as if the game is classifying the pug as an already taken out target but its still unticked in the listing the game provided to me so i'm out of options right now, what must I do to make this work? Any suggestions?

  • DarkHorseGirl

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Posted 6 days ago

May you be more clearer? I can't seem to properly understand what the issue is.

  • truffleshuffle03


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Posted A day ago

May you be more clearer? I can't seem to properly understand what the issue is.

Not sure how much clearer they need to be. They said when they take a picture to finish the mission it dose not work. It acts as if they had already done that part of taking pictures of the pug but it's still marked as uncompleted

  • B_Smiles

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Posted A day ago

That happened to me as well with the husky (ps4) Are you looking at the right email? Because when you take a pic and send it to the tourist board, you'll receive a second email with an updated list.
Hope that helps.

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