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GTA Vice City Starter Save Discussion

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 08:48 PM

This is becoming a spam Topic and I think these spam Posts should be just removed.

There is a BIG difference between driving a Mission Scripted Vehicle into a Garage and heavy glitching or game file editing. Of course they both are not supposed to be done, but the Devs simply don't care what you do in their Games (unless it's GTA Online). No need to say that Special Vehicles are cheating just because of, let's say, sucking at sinking the BP/FP Securicar into the Ground in III or getting the BP/FP Trashmaster in III or knocking the AP Boxville in SA with a Fire Truck down the Road... That stuff is inside the actual Gameplay and Game and can EASILY be exploited to actually gain experience WITHIN the actual Game itself.

Why bother even buying the Game and playing anyways? Why bother living? The point of doing a Starter Save is to complete all Side Missions before the 1st or 2nd Story Mission and to not do all that stuff again every time you make a New Game... Traditional Starter Saves require planning, but it depends on which Game. IV and SA Starter Saves are the hardest ones, especially IV. Try doing a IV Starter Save and you'll give up due to the 6 Star Wanted Level stuff. I only know Zmoonchild who completed it and Militia semi-completed it.

I don't care what you do, use SSU or ACE or Mods or Glitches or whatever, I don't tell you to not do it and nobody does... I'm saying that it is cheating as it's not possible in Traditional Gameplay. You can't do Sunshine Autos Races in a Starter Save, you just CAN'T as it's unlocked from an Asset Mission called Sunshine Autos (actually a Cutscene but whatever). That's how basic Game Logic works, you need to do the Mission Tree to unlock certain things, and not glitch up your way to the end and then say "I completed the Game."

Duping requires skill just as much how you need the skill to pass The Party (as far as I've seen), this "skill" thing is subjective. Anyone who knows how to traditionally play it can easily do it without any problems by following simple instructions. Meanwhile, some people suck at completing The Party... Nothing is difficult if you have the ability and skill to accomplish it, what IS actually difficult is finding that stuff yourself within the Game... I respect the people who found all this possible stuff, even ACE and SSU, but I don't respect the ones who abuse it for their own gain...

I agree with some parts of your Comments, WildBrick, especially the last part. We should all team up and find stuff out ourselves and I truly apologize if I sounded like a c*nt to anyone. My point all along was how Traditional Playing requires much more skill and knowledge on the actual Game and how it can be easily used as planning within the Starter Save, meanwhile Glitching can require knowledge and research, but when it's all known and on the plate then it's not hard to re-do it. SSU ruined VC Speedruns, no doubt, but it is still interesting to know it even if it made non-SSU Speedruns useless. So, would you rather play it with little exploits or huge glitching (which requires less skill), it's your choice...

I'm not gonna post here anymore, simply because I'm done with this useless argument which goes to nowhere. 

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 02:26 PM

Hi guys I'm finally making some progress with my brand new 'best-stats' starter save and I need to know one thing, that I also know you have mentioned it, but searching takes too long. How can you get 33 stunt jumps in the beginning, not 31?

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 05:04 PM

Although it is probably known after all these years, the classic boat method for transporting vehicles across islands early that works in III, LCS and VCS also works in Vice City. It can be used for vehicles that are too slow to make the jump on Prawn Island, and does come in handy for garage management if you want to convert big-ass vehicles to EC Black like the Flatbed or Firetruck, as well as the Packer, which doesn't fit in any of the garages on the east according to my knowledge.
It basically goes like this: Get a boat like the Reefer, leave it in memory on the grass between Cortez's jetty and Lance's apartment (VCS), fetch your big and/or slow vehicle, build some speed up, bail out, and when it falls into the water, start pushing it with the boat you left in memory, and beach it on the dockyard across the ocean.

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 07:01 PM

Hi guys I'm finally making some progress with my brand new 'best-stats' starter save and I need to know one thing, that I also know you have mentioned it, but searching takes too long. How can you get 33 stunt jumps in the beginning, not 31?

You can get every single stunt jump except the one out of the office building that you do during G-Spotlight.


The difficult to access jumps in the marina can be done by jumping bike off a Packer, and the ones on the rooftops from G-Spotlight can be done by jumping a bike off of a Packer atop a Packer (difficult to manage since it uses 3 vehicles total). I usually aim to jump onto the west side of the hospital roof in Downtown from the raised driveway of the building directly south of it.

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 08:06 PM Edited by GTAKid667, 25 October 2017 - 08:22 PM.

Plenty of Videos on Youtube for that stuff.  fnxrak shows how to get the G-Spotlight Stunt Jumps (not the elevator/through the glass Stunt Jump done in the Mission) using a PCJ-600 itself and bouncing off some obstacles to get onto the roof tops and the Marina Stunt Jumps have been covered plenty of times, too, as well with Videos.  You don't even need a Packer anymore.  You can just pull back to do a Wheelie with the PCJ-600 that spawns at the Docks and ramp over onto the other side beyond the gate, although it's easier said than done.  You can also use a Taxi/Cabbie that has the Jump Boost ability unlocked from doing 100 Taxi Fares.  There is plenty of new and old Methods, take your pick...

Old --->
The Author of the No Packer Method Using a PCJ-600 to Ramp Beyond the Barrier is "unavailable."

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Posted 25 October 2017 - 09:12 PM

Ok thanks for the help guys! It is sick how far I am with my ONE RUN starter save (computer sleeping rn), so I hope I won't die or kill anyone, otherwise I need to start the new game again.

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Posted 21 January 2018 - 02:21 PM

I found (maybe) a new method to bring vehicles from VC Beach to VC Mainland.

If you have a PC, give this method a try. You don't have to fall into the water, just drive at the cliff and you'll be teleported as well.

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