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Posted 3 weeks ago

I'm trying to make a mod where the only vehicles that spawn on the street are old timey cars from the 70s-80s and I've modified the popgroups.ymt file. I noticed that in the file there are groups called hash_collision or something like that which also has a list of cars. Should I be messing with that too or should I just edit the veh_poor and some others?


When I loaded up the game no traffic spawned at all. The amount of peds are very little. Here is the link to my popgroups if anyone can help me what's wrong with it (also contains cars from IVpack)


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Posted 3 weeks ago

has already been done, but if you want to do it yourself(change things, that's fine. take a look at the one that has already been done and maybe you'll get an idea on what to do.)

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