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GTAForums Weekly Issue 20

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Posted 29 July 2017 - 07:00 PM


Week of July 23rd - July 29th



Over the past week or so, we've been working behind the scenes on another community oriented segment featuring news and contributions from the modding community here on GTAForums. The idea originated after the OpenIV vs Take-Two dilemma, which inspired us to want to potentially shine a light on the enormous effort and contributions that can be found within the GTA Modding section, as well as cover recent and developing events. We're glad to announce that "Get Modified" will debut in Issue 21 and will be hosted by the newest GTAF Weekly team member, Ash_735! We're honored to have him on board and we're glad to welcome him officially to the team.
So, be sure to return next week to check out "Get Modified", and don't forget to leave feedback or comments below as they're always appreciated. We hope you all enjoy the rest of Issue 20!



Welcome to the twentieth issue of the GTAForums Weekly newsletter!

The Custom Rides & Garages Snapmatic Spotlight has returned, and with a new host. Community member V4S has been given the honors of hosting the showcase, and hopefully will get back on track for a weekly release! We wish her good luck and hope she enjoys her new role. If our Snaps of the Week segment doesn't satisfy your snap / photography itch, be sure to check out Volume 14 of the showcase.
Speaking of snaps, Round 3 of the GTAF Snap Battle has started a few days ago. Round 3 takes the most voted for snap entries from each platform and pits them against each other. Currently, Zoobz maintains a healthy lead, but members LevelDockSix and WithoutorAgainst aren't too far behind, now. Could one of them pull off a surprise victory? If you're interested in voting, what are you waiting for? Head to the polls! Round 4 will consist of staff only voting, which could lead to a whole new outcome compared to what may result from polling in Round 3. Don't forget that the winner of Season 2 will win a GTA V themed Sprunk Water bottle!
Fancy a battle between two vehicles? Week 17 of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown is live, but time is quickly running out to vote for your favorite. This week, you have the choice of choosing the vicious Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper or the slick and nimble Benefactor Stirling GT. Currently, the Stirling GT holds a strong lead, but we all know that anything can happen. Be sure to cast your vote before it's too late.
GTAForums currently has a total of 14,956,302 total posts (+11,942 from last week) and 711,784 total members (+552 from last week) at the time this is being posted.



Welcome to the twentieth week of Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

GTA Online
That’s right, that’s the name of the new adversary mode for GTA Online, released this week. In Power Mad, you must fight for the right to control the Juggernaut, which sports a mini-gun that's sure to wreck everyone else participating! Teams of 2-4 players will fight for possession of the Juggernaut power-up. The main objective: Stay alive, fill up a time meter, and score a point. Dying as the Juggernaut will mean the power-up will be available to someone else!
There’s also a brand-new vehicle available, the Pegassi Torero. Pretty sure it looks like an Infernus, but that’s just me. Sporting the name of ‘bullfighter’ in Spanish, this new car, very akin to the 80's Infernus, is now available exclusively at Legendary Motorsport, listed in the Sports Classic category. To celebrate this, Rockstar has also applied a 25% discount on all engine upgrades!
Gunrunners of San Andreas! Time to do a literal smuggler’s run, as Rockstar is about to make your job even easier! (or already has for those who have seen the discounts the first day). All research will be boosted in 25% speed, so you can get your hands more easily on weapon attachments, weaponized vehicle upgrades and much more! Along with this, there is also a 25% discount off weapon and vehicle workshop modules for your MOC until July 31st!
Plus, a PREMIUM 25% discount on the following things. Premium because:
- ALL handguns, assault rifles, machine guns and sniper rifles are 25% off!
Those with the need for speed can also participate in this week’s premium race and time trial:
- Premium Race: “Trench III” (locked to Bikes)
- Time Trial: “Cypress Flats”
Rockstar General
With the danger of us turning into a clothes advertiser again, according to the Rockstar Newswire, the brand-new Knuckleduster tees are now available at the Rockstar Warehouse, as part of the Summer 2017 Collection! They’re available in two styles: the all-over Knuckleduster pattern and the Knuckleduster Pocket Tee. Rockstar is now making all their art available as desktop/mobile wallpapers again, like the good old days. Head on to their downloads page to enjoy the new Knuckleduster wallpapers!
The Warehouse is also giving a 30% discount on select items from the GTAV collection, until August 4th. (I have the Rockstar NYC pin in the picture, envy me!... that Mirror Park one looks cool too…)
Rockstar has also made the Red Hook Crit recap available on the Newswire for those interested! A few of our own GTAF’ers and others from the GTA community had a great meet up there as well, you can check it out on GTAOnlineNews’ Twitter!
























































This week, famous Snaptographer Zoobz was able to link up with us for a quick interview.

Android: What initially brought you to GTAForums?
Zoobz: Like a lot of members here, I lurked about before signing up. I came across GTAForums through searching for answers for a question regarding GTAV, which I can't even remember now. Believe I made an account as I wanted to join the discussion about some content regarding GTA Online.
As a member of the community for about 4 years, would you say that the community has changed for the better or worse?
For the better but I'd say it's been up and down. Mainly based on the activity here and the drama that comes and goes. When I joined there was a lot of activity due to the release of GTAV with GTA Online. Nowadays it seems to be a lot more chill, with people still around in the Online section waiting on the continuous drops of content from Rockstar.
What's the history behind your choice of username? Does it mean anything specific?
It's an IRL nickname given to me by my mates back in school days.
You recently met up with community members at the Red Hook Criterium event sponsored by Rockstar themselves, how was the experience?
Yeah, quite a memorable experience. Rockstar was hosting the event down in London, and I don't live too far out, so why not hey? In Rockstar fashion, they put on a fantastic event, all very professional but super chill. Hung out with some community guys down there too, who I've seen about from Twitter, Rockstar streams etc. Nice experience to meet up and kick it with them. A definite highlight was having a drink with some of the Rockstar guys. Being able to chat about ourselves, their games and possible future community plans. Quite a privilege.
Did you enjoy hanging out with the other fellas, such as Viboxing, Gtamen, and 8-Bit Bastard?
For sure. I didn't really know anyone that well except Vinewood Motors and our very own Admin here, uNi. So it was great to meet and chat to those guys. But yeah it was pretty cool meeting the other community guys, getting to know them a bit better. All of whom were genuinely down to earth lads.
You've been been noticed many times by R* due to some of your great Snapmatic shots, but what inspires or motivates you to create a specific shot?
When it comes to Snaps, I tend to only want to make creative and unique shots. Snaps that are beyond normal and require an extra special touch to create. I get inspired from all over really, from real world photography, digital art and seeing art myself IRL, then trying to create my own version within GTAV. But a lot of the time Snaps come from experimenting around with the Creator, Director Mode and the Rockstar Editor.
Do you still enjoy playing and taking shots after the game has been out for so long?
I only really still play GTAV for taking Snaps. GTAV is basically my creative outlet tool, allowing me to express my creative side. With the Creator and Rockstar Editor, the possibilities are endless. Believe it or not, I have a note pad with pages of snap ideas and sketches that I try to create. When creating Snaps, most of the time they don't turn out how I wanted and I don't share them, so I move on to another idea. I prefer quality over quantity.
Tell us more about the person behind your alias. Any favorite interests, hobbies, music, and so on?
Work full time, go to the gym every day after work. That takes up most of my time. Maybe make Snaps / play other games, watch Netflix in evenings.
Any final comments? Do you have anything to say to our readers & the GTAF community?
Cheers for reading. Keep Snappin' and I'll see you around.

We'd like to thank Zoobz for his time and participation!




Frank Ocean - Nature Feels



Acting almost like a reinterpretation of the hit song "Electric Feel" by psychedelic rock band MGMT, "Nature Feels" samples the main instrumental but includes a whole new set of lyrics painting a vividly intimate scenario. Ocean did this once more with The Eagles' "Hotel California" but received heavy criticism for it, even though Ocean did not sample for profit and described it as "paying homage".


Album: Nostalgia, Ultra

Genre: Alternative R&B

Writer(s): Frank Ocean

Release Date: February 16, 2011

Label(s): None (self-released)




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Nice pics

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